How to Remove Candle Wax from Vinyl Siding?

Using candles to enhance the beauty of a room with its soothing, mysterious light or putting a scented candle to maintain a fresh ambiance around the house is nothing new. Thus, the wax all over the floor, furniture, carpet, and every possible surface situation occurs. You might use different holders that efficiently handle the wax from reaching the surfaces, but each day is not the same, and one day or the other, the hazard happens.

Situations When You Panic


You blow the candle, and the melted wax splatters. You tripped holding a handle and ruined the surface you were standing on as well as the furniture near you. Most of the time, you have candle wax all over, and you do not know how to remove the wax. The more adverse thing you would do is randomly scraping the wax from the surface and damage it with scratches all over.

You might face different situations where the first situation could be you have seen the wax melting on the surface and could do nothing. You have melted hot candle wax, and you do not know what to do except seeing it turning cold and hard right on that very surface. Secondly, you might have missed the candle melting, and now when you have seen it, you panicked, wondering how to get rid of those thick, hard candle wax.

Wax On Vinyl Siding

In both situations, like, say, for both the melted and hardened wax, there is nothing to panic about. Instead, you have to know how to clean the candle wax. Every surface is different, so you will have to use different products and methods on different surfaces. Here we are going to tell you how to remove candle wax from vinyl siding. Vinyl material is one of the most easy-to-clean vinyl floors among all the floors that exist. So, removing candle wax from vinyl siding will be convenient and quick too.

How to Remove Candle Wax from Vinyl Siding
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Vinyl Siding, Might Not Be a Smooth Journey

The thing with the vinyl siding is that it is pretty tricky to clean due to the curves, crevices, and grooves. You have to make sure you reach those tricky spots to clean the candle wax. Also, cleaning wax from a flattened floor is way easier than cleaning the sidings with texture or curves on them. So, the journey to clean the wax from the vinyl siding will require care and patience, a lot in both cases.

Remove Candle Wax from Vinyl Siding With Ice Method – The Safer Approach

The method we prefer to use to clean the candle wax from the vinyl siding is the ice cube method. Though applying heat is also a great way to clean the candle wax, we prefer avoiding the heat method. Instead, we are suggesting using the safer approach.

Step #1 – Harden The Wax

You will have to basically harden the wax on the vinyl siding too well so that it is easy to scrape off from the surface. You have to treat the siding carefully because it is a hard surface but not as hard as, let’s say, a brick wall.

Step #2 – Ice Cubes and Bag

Take a few ice cubes in a plastic bag. You can use regular bags with zippers or sandwich bags. Put the ice cubes and zip the bag. Do not use the ice cubes directly on the vinyl siding. If you do not have the bag, then use a paper towel. The purpose is to have something between the ice and the vinyl siding.

Step #3- Hold The Bag On the Wax

Now, hold the bag or paper towel with ice cubes on the wax. Do not rub the ice bag on the candle wax. You just need to hold it in place so that the candle wax further hardens. The candle wax has to be fully hardened for you to comfortably remove it from the siding without any extra effort and leaving scratches on it. Continue holding the bag with ice cubes for 5-10 minutes, depending on your alluding expertise regarding whether the wax has fully hardened or not.

Step #4 – Be Picky with Your Scraping Tool

Take a butter knife or a plastic scraper. Avoid using the metal scraper on your vinyl siding. That will for sure be too harsh on the siding and leave scratches no matter how steady your hands are or how careful you are while scraping off the candle wax. A simple card or a plastic spoon or knife will do to scrape off the hardened wax mildly. Be very picky while choosing your tool in removing the wax because we do not want to regret our actions later.

Step #5 – Scrape Off and Vacuum

Start scraping off the candle wax right from the corner, a little portion at a time. Do not exert your knife too forcefully. Rather be gentle and slow. It is not an issue if you are living a thin layer while scraping off the wax. But be sure the layer is not too thick. It shouldn’t leave any layer other than slight residue or, as we said, an ultra-thin layer if you are doing it the right way. As an extra step, clean the siding with a clean cloth or just vacuum it to work further on a clean surface without any bits and pieces of hard candle wax.

Step #6 – Isopropyl Alcohol

After you have scraped, vacuumed, and cleaned all the fully hardened wax from your vinyl siding, time to clean the residue using some detergent, dishwashing soap, vodka, plain, of course, rubbing alcohol, or the most effective and safe Isopropyl Alcohol. Rather than using cotton pads or similar stuff, use a simple cotton cloth.

Step #7 – Soak and Squeeze

Soak it well in Isopropyl Alcohol and squeeze the cloth well. There should be enough Isopropyl Alcohol, but the cloth must not be dripping alcohol, further increasing your work to clean the rest of the siding, though it mostly evaporates and dries. Still, we want to be very careful and do not want to waste product using too much.

Step #8 – Rub and Clean

Dip, squeeze, rub and see how well the Isopropyl Alcohol removes the remaining layer or residue of the candle wax. If you do not have Isopropyl Alcohol, spray a little bit of dishwashing soap or detergent and wipe it off. Make sure to remove the soap residue if you are using soap and dry the surface well.

Heads Up On Rubbing Alcohol

We actually do not prefer using rubbing alcohol as they have staining properties in them, but other cleaning agents that have rubbing alcohol as one of the multiple ingredients can work well in cleaning the waxy residue without staining or damaging the vinyl sidings.

Therefore, with simple products and a lot of care and patience, you can now get rid of the pile of wax that has been collected day after day on your vinyl siding.

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