How to Remove Mr Clean Mop Head

No wonder a mop is one of those aspects which we regularly use to wash our floor or any surface. A general mop price range starts from $5 up to $100. It has added ease to our prevalent life, which is utterly incomparable. 

We found that plenty of people use Mr Clean’s mops in a national observance. And they are frequently trashing their mops just because they are unaware of the process of replacing the mop head.

In the beginning, I also experienced similar difficulties and trashed several mop sets. Nonetheless, it is as easy as cutting butter with a scalding knife, especially in the case of Mr Clean’s mop. 

Firstly, we need to analyze the handle and the joint part of the mop. Subsequently, if the joint part includes a screw, unscrewing and screwing will do the whole thing. And, if the head is a pull-lock, it will require a bit of physical strength to pull.

In terms of both processes, let’s elaborate on how to remove Mr Clean’s mop head and install a new one.

How to Remove Mr Clean Mop Head- All The Details


Now let us dive deeper into all the details regarding how you can easily remove the Mr Clean mop head by yourself. 

How to Remove Mr Clean Mop Head
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The Screw Process

While observing the tip of the mop and the joining part, if you find the screw to attach or dispatch the mop head, you must incline with the screwdriver. 

Gently, play the screwdriver on the screw and within a concise while, you may notice the screw is about to fall off the stick. Afterwards, you may pull the head, and it will come off without any hesitation.

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After removing the head, you must be patient when you are about to attach the new one. The new head may be hard to insert in the joining part, so be gentle. 

Too much harshness in this process will undoubtedly cause permanent damage to the joining portion and the crest of the joint.

Like the mop head, the rule remains the same while tightening the screw. Do not overdrive the screw, and the screw may lose some particles from the driving point. In addition, it can harm both the crests from the screw and socket point.

The Pull Process

When buying a mop from Mr Clean, try to choose the mop that incorporates a pull process. It is the ideal one for household use. Moreover, it is straightforward to change the mop head.

All you need to do is discover the joint where the mop stick meets the mop head. You will find a plastic or metal cylindrical object or lever covering the joint. Just pull the lever in the opposite direction of the head, and the head will become loose to remove. After removing, don’t forget to wash the dirty spin mop head using the washing machine.

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Afterwards, install the new head and push the lever in the direction of the head. After facing the lock, you will experience a tightened mop head with your stick.

Process for Eraser Roller Mop

Apart from the thereof, another immensely popular mop is the eraser roller mop. We experience mostly these mops in commercial spaces and are well-known for their heavy duty. 

In the case of removing scratch or sturdy stains, there is no alternative to the eraser roller mop. However, it may sound so commercial, it is not complex to remove or change the mop head. 

The whole process is just sliding the eraser or mop head. All you need to do is to find the key which unlocks the eraser. Firstly, observe the portion where the mop is adjacent to the head or eraser. 

You will find a wringing lever. By pushing the lever down, you will release the mop head and it will come out from the mop structure. Afterwards, adjust the new mop head by sliding. Do not hold the wringing lever. 

When the mop head finds the right point to stick with the mop stick, the wringing lever will go upward. Eventually, your mop is ready again to use with a new head or eraser.

Don’t forget to carry the model number of your mop while buying a new head. Otherwise, you find a significant mismatch while installing the new mop head.


  • How do I change a Mr Clean Mop head?

There are plenty of ways to change Mr. Clean mop head. Firstly, the screwing process. All you need to do is unscrew the screw and the head will fall down automatically. This process must require a screwdriver. 

In the second space, the cylindrical cover. Here, you will not require any type of hardware. All you need to do is pull the hard shell or cover just in the opposite direction of the head and remove the head instantly. Thereafter, install the new head.

In the case of an eraser roller, find out the wringing lever. It generally exists at the joining point of the head and mop stick. 

After find, pull the wringing lever downward which will unlock the mop head. Then release the lever and remove the mop head. And, install the new mop head.

  • How do you remove a mop head from a mop?

There are plenty of mops in the market. But the most popular one is Mr. Clean mops. In the US, above 60% of people are using this mop. However, changing or removing the mop head is similar in all the mop cases. 

First thing first, thoroughly check the mop and the head. Then, notice the connection point of the mop. Either you will find a screw system or a cylindrical cover system. 

In the screw system, you need to unplug the screw with a screwdriver. It will let the mop head out of the mop. Then attach the new head and tighten the screw. 

In the cylindrical cover, you need to pull the cover in the opposite direction of the mop head. It will simply loosen the mop head to remove and install a new one. 

After attaching the new head, push the cover in the direction of the head. It will become sturdy at once. 


To begin with, the answer of ‘why you need  to remove  Mr. Clean mop head?’ Keep it in your mind as ever that every existing element has its expiry date. 

If it is only for cleaning the head, my suggestion from personal experience, you better cease doing that. Remove the head when it is golden time to change the mop head. Other than that, let the head adhere to the mop stick. Hope you got your answers regarding how to remove Mr Clean mop head. 

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