How to Steam clean concrete driveway? : Effective Or Not?

A clean and shiny concrete driveway will change the entire look of your house. With some easy maintenance tips and regular cleansing, you can always keep your concrete driveway shiny.

Your house’s concrete driveway bears a lot of dirt, debris and stains. It experiences car tire marks, chemicals, fuel stains, lawn fertilizer effects and many more components. Not cleaning them for a long time will certainly make them lose their luster.

The best idea is to clean the concrete driveway giving them a steam cleansing. People often ask about Professional steam clean concrete driveway tips. It is the easiest and most eco-friendly way of cleaning concrete driveways.

Learning the correct procedure will keep the concrete driveway shiny, clean and admirable for a longer time. 

How to Steam clean concrete driveway?
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How Does Concrete Driveway Get Dirty?


Before you jump into the cleaning procedure, you must learn about the process that makes a concrete driveway dirty. There are hundreds of reasons that can affect your shiny concrete driveway appearance.

Concrete driveway generally holds bumpy surfaces. And such a surface absorbs specks of dirt and makes the surface more stubborn to clean. Moreover, concrete is also a porous surface. Anything liquid or chemical will make it soaked immediately and cause deeper stains.

And such chemicals can drop from your car fuel leakages, fertilizer from your garden plants and other surfaces. Generally, the unsealed and unpainted concrete driveway absorbs dirt more quickly. 

Is it safe to steam clean concrete driveway?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to steam clean concrete driveway. Even according to professionals, it’s a more effective and eco-friendly way to clean your concrete driveway.

Here you don’t have to use any extra chemicals as well. So, it is obviously a waste less option to try. As it doesn’t require any chemicals, you can consider a pretty mess-free cleansing.

Even the process doesn’t require any extra physical effort. Neither you’ve to be a very professional cleaner here. The system will use just steam and water pressure to clean the entire surface thoroughly.

If you’re concerned about the water steam effects, it’s absolutely safe. However, you just have to maintain the right procedure to avoid any mess. Stay more careful when you’re cleaning the decorative concrete driveways. These are more sensitive and need extra consciousness. 

How to Steam clean concrete driveway?

Steam cleaning your concrete driveway would be one of the smartest and most professional options to try. It takes little time, less effort and a few tools. Anyone can do the job if he/she has got a pressure washer in the house. This cleaning can remove all dirt, debris and stains in minutes. 

Let’s give a check on the things you’ll require:

  • Garden hose
  • Dish detergent/ washing soda
  • Bucket
  • Broom
  • Sawdust
  • Bucket


At the beginning of the process, you need to get a garden hose or a sprayer to spread water on the concrete driveway. Then, take one gallon of hot water and mix it with 2 ounces of washing soda. You can use dish detergent as an alternative as well.

Make sure the water and powder mixture has reached every corner of the driveway. Now, take a deck brush and scrub the entire concrete driveway carefully.

Take a brush and dip it into hot water. Use the brush to scrub off all the stains and scratches. Here you should use clear water to get all the greasiness out. 

Tips for cleaning stains from the concrete driveway:

Some easy tips and suggestions can make the entire cleaning procedure simpler. Just give a quick check here:

  • Even though the steam cleaning method is simple & efficient, you may need the help of professionals if any complications arrive with the hose/ concrete driveway maintenance rules. Never be late to call a professional then.
  • Before you use a steam cleaner to clean your concrete driveway, you should examine whether it works for a particular area or not.
  • Make sure your concrete driveway cleansing mixture isn’t reaching out to the plants of your gardens. Such detergent-based chemicals can be threatful to your plant health. 
  • The concrete driveway can get affected if there are frequent temperature changes while the surface is a dump. Consider drying the surface at a very neutral temperature.

Hopefully, these tips are going to make the entire procedure easier for you.

How often should you steam clean concrete driveway?

How often one should exactly steam clean the concrete driveway will depend on various things. How frequently you’re using the driveway, what things are experiencing the driveway and what is the weather condition will decide a lot of things here.

Cleaning the driveway regularly will keep the driveway away from stubborn stains. However, consider steam cleaning the concrete driveway once a week. If your driveway goes through a lot daily, it might get dirty too quickly.

Then, it would help if you considered giving it steam cleaning more often. However, you don’t have to steam clean every day. You better maintain regular maintenance to keep up the shine. 

Frequently Asked question

Question: What type of sealer is best to use on a concrete driveway? 

Answer: Well, you can use a commercial grade Seal n Lock sealer. This sealer saves your concrete driveway from oil stains, toxins of solvent & risky fumes.

Question: Do you need a professional pressure cleaning service for your driveway?

Answer: Well, if your driveway seems to be way beyond cleaning, you better go for professional cleaning services. There are various cleaning services available. Choose the best in your budget and get a shiny and new alike driveway.

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Steam cleaning is one of the best ways of taking care of your concrete driveway. It takes less effort but serves a shiny surface in a short time. Here you have learned “How to Steam clean concrete driveway.” If you maintain the proper procedure and clean the surface thoroughly that way, you can expect a shiny and clean concrete driveway all year. For better and safer cleansing, consider maintaining the tips and suggestions as well. 

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