How to Use Swiffer Wet Jet

Swiffer is a renowned brand taking the floor cleaner world by storm. Every cleaner, be it the microfiber-like pads, cleaning solution, simple stick mop, steam mops, or the Swiffer WetJet, every item it manufactured has impressed the users. However, the Swiffer WetJet is something that has caught the maximum attention and gained some loyal users.

How to Use Swiffer Wet Jet


It is simple, easy to use, could be used on floors of every type, even hardwood, it lasts for a long time thanks to the refills and disposable pads, I mean, the advantages are too many not to use it.

As it is so good, it will be unfair not to talk about Swiffer WetJet in detail. Thus, the purpose here is to explain and clear some common doubts related to Swiffer WetJet. Everything You Need To Know About Swiffer WetJet, how well it works, the batteries it includes, what they are for exactly, and much more.

User Guide

When you buy a Swiffer WetJet, you usually get a starter kit.

What’s In the Kit

In the kit, you get a spray mop dismantled into two parts, a couple of original mopping pads, a few extra power pad refills, a 500 ml cleaning solution bottle, a user manual, and four batteries. All these need to be attached and inserted to turn it to the efficient spray mop it is.

Assembling Swiffer WetJet

To assemble the spray mop, take the two poles, and slide them together. The notches will click and lock upon sliding. The mop head pole and the handle pole together make a stick spray mop.

The inserting of the battery and cleaning solution will be discussed in detail later. But let us briefly explain it.

After you secure the poles, you need to take out the battery compartment, insert the batteries, and slide it back inside the socket.

How to use swiffer wet jet
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Then take the cleaning solution bottle, and insert it upside down. The head of the bottle will click and fit in the compartment.

The spray trigger is on the handle, and the dual nozzles are on the mop head. Press the trigger, and the dual nozzle will spray the liquid solution.

When disassembled, the mop head doesn’t have any pads attached to it. So, take one, extra power or original, and attach the print-side of it on the mop head’s purple straps. You are now ready to mop your LVP floor with the very effective Swiffer WetJet.

Does swiffer wetjet need batteries?

Yes, Swiffer WetJet on hardwood floors needs batteries. But the cells are not for operating the mop. You can sweep the vinyl plank floor with the swiffer wet jet mop attaching only the disposable pads. But without the cleaning solution because the batteries are for spraying the solution through the WetJet’s dual nozzles.

The batteries ensure even spraying of solution from the nozzles. You need to push the spray trigger, and the nozzles spray the cleaning solution, just the right amount. The button is right on the handle within reach of your thumb. With one push, you have enough liquid sprayed in front of the mop head.

The batteries decide how sharp the spraying of the solution will be. New cells mean it will be even. After every use, the batteries will drain out, and the spraying intensity will show that.

You will know the batteries are drained out when you will notice the nozzles spraying solution unevenly. It might stop spraying altogether or shoot foam instead of the liquid solution upon pressing the trigger.

How to change batteries in swiffer wet jet?

Changing the batteries in a Swiffer WetJet is just a cakewalk. The WetJet includes four AA alkaline non-rechargeable batteries. In layman’s word, those are pencil batteries. You will need four pencil batteries to replace the already drained batteries.

There is a battery compartment for inserting the four batteries. The cleaning solution bottle and the battery compartment stand parallel with each other. The compartment slide opens easily. Slide it open and place the cells one by one. After inserting all the batteries, slide in the battery compartment, it will just click when secured.

When the batteries need replacing, purchase regular pencil batteries. Slide open the battery compartment. Now, remove the used batteries and insert the new ones and slide in the compartment. You have changed the cells in your Swiffer WetJet. Check out whether it is again evenly spraying or not. If not, the issue is not the batteries.

How to refill swiffer wet jet?

Just like the inserting of the batteries, even the refilling of the Swiffer WetJet is easy too. You have two things to refill, the mop pads and the cleaning solution bottle.

Pad Refills

Pads, you can detach from the mop head. The mop head has two velcro straps kind of a thing, and one side of the pads have prints on them for attaching them with the mop head’s velcro. So, remove the used pads and attach a new pad by placing the pads print-side down with the velcro of the mop head.

Cleaning Solution Refill

The cleaning solution bottle fits just right in the compartment. There is an arrow sign on the bottle. It shows that the cap-side of the bottle will be in the chamber. So, insert the cleaning solution bottle upside down in the compartment. Once again, it will click, and you know it’s locked and ready for use.

500 ml Bottle

A 500 ml bottle lasts up to 4 times use in cleaning a moderately sized apartment. So, you will need the solution bottles quite often. These refills are easy to get. So you can buy a 500ml bottle every time and insert it into the compartment.

Refilling The Same Bottle

You can also buy the bigger bottles known as economy refills, pour the solution into the 500ml bottle, and reuse the same bottle again and again. It saves quite a bit.

For that, you will need to open the cap of the bottle. Fifteen seconds of holding the capped bottle in warm water will make it easy for you to open the tight lid. Fill it by pouring the liquid from the big bottle of the Swiffer cleaning solution. Or you can make your very own swiffer wet jet cleaning solution. But we prefer Swiffer’s cleaning solution more than anything else.

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