How to Wash a Libman Mop Head

As a common thought, when your floor gathers high-traffic, you should sweep every day or vacuum after two days your floor and mopped twice a week. While good mopping is essential for keeping your floors clean, Libman Mop is the best choice for your floor. You know regular sweeping or vacuuming is critical for cleaning the flooring. A Libman mop can complete your floor cleaning tough job and removes dirt and dirt that can damage the floor.

After completing your floor cleaning job, the best time to clean the mop when the floor looks like it needs it. Though you have cleaned the mop what you have, you need to know the best way to clean the mop. Most people know how to mop a floor, but they don’t know the right way to clean a mop. They always make a mistake, often neglecting to use a second bucket for rinse water.

What is Libman mop?


The Libman mop is one of the most usable and demanding mops in America and a top-selling mop in American history. It has a 50% larger Mop, which provides more floor coverage than another mop. By using it, you may able to complete the floor mopping in less time. It contains three tangle-resistant green band works effectively for killing bacteria on all surfaces. Most of the time, wringing water out of mop head seems so hard in mopping. But in the matter of Libman mop, you don’t need to be a worry. It has Grip N’ Click ratchet wringer. So it’s straightforward to clean. Just click the handle into place, and it twists to wring out dirty water. Hence you can enjoy your mop cleaning more quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Why do you need Libman Mop?

Regular mopping is crucial keeps to your house clean and sensitized. A clean floor provides a healthy and happy home. Through your have the traditional mop, you don’t find the best comfort and cleanliness at all. But when you are cleaning the floor with Libman Mop, you wonder how it works on your floor! Libman mop can clean 20% more dirt from the floor for its exclusive GPIPSTRIPS design. It also has an advanced built-in power wringer that easily squeezes out and removes water from the microfiber mop head. So from now, you don’t need to worry about floor drying. It allows the floors to dry faster.

Their eco-friendly head structure has another advantage that can washable up to 50 times. Remove the head, then wash, reinstall it, and keep cleaning.

How to detach Libman Mop Head/ How to remove the Libman Wonder Mop Head?

The Libman Mop head is removable. So you can easily remove it for cleaning. You can wash its microfiber head up to 50 times. It uses a wringer that twists over the mop head. It works for wringing out the dirty water. For air-dry the mop head, it has a plastic connector.

Step 1

Control the mop around its wringer collar. The wringer collar is a white piece. It is used for wringing out the mop head.

Step 2

Here you should lift the wringer collar away from the mop head with one hand and hold.

Step 3

With the help of your free hand, pull the mop head off the end of the mop handle. Now release its time to release the wringer collar.

How to wash a Libman mop head with the washing machine?

How to Wash a Libman Mop Head
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We know that the Libman Mop is made of an absorbent microfiber material that is machine washable. It allows you to mop any concrete floor surface with it. So it would be best if you washed the mop. You can clean Libman Mop head to use your washing machine as often as you need to, depending on how much use it gets. Follow the steps below.

Step 1   

After removing the mop head from the handle, slip the elastic band at the top of the mop.

Step 2

Rinse the mop head under warm water in the sink. It will take away as much debris as possible.

Step 3

Set your washing machine to insubstantial, and put in laundry detergent to the water.

Step 4

Put the mop head into the washing machine to bathe. On the other hand, rinse the mop in a bleach-water solution and ring out between washings. This process prevents the mop from getting a musty or moldy smell.

Step 5

After finishing those processes, hang the head to dry.


Firstly, choose what type of mop you need. If you have the Libman Wonder mop, then you need to put it in the washing machine. Be careful that you are not cleaning it with any other clothes or towels.

Besides, for a sponge mop, you need to soak it in a mix of water. Here you can add your favorite cleaning solutions for 30 minutes at least.


Through a broom, all sorts of dust and debris can be easily picked up by the broom. After every use, take the broom outside and knock it against the wall of the house. It will loosen the extra debris from the broom. As well, use any old comb over the bristles to catch more dust. In The Libman Mop, there has a dustpan with a teeth molded comb that removes debris from broom fibers. Cleaning the broom is very easy. Just soak the broom in a warm water solution and added dish soap. Then rinse the broom and Dry it.


There are some ways to clean the sponges. And cleaning the mop sponge is very important for a hygienic floor as we know that the mop sponges contain massive kinds of bacteria after every mopping time. With the microwave help, you may clean it properly because it is beneficial to kill 99.99999% of the sponges’ bacteria.

You need to use another form of cleaning in the time of microwave the sponge. Be sure that the sponge is wet on both sides.

Or else it could catch on fire. Now turn the microwave on high for one minute only. For cleaning the sponge with the dishwasher, set the microwave to the longest and hottest cycle. After the cleaning process, use the dry cycle.

Toilet Bowl Brush

At first, you need to fill a bucket with hot water. Add half to a teaspoon of bleach to this hot water. Now carefully place the toilet bowl brush into the bucket. Then let it soak for a minimum of one hour. After taking out the brush, rinse it well with the hot water. This time, you need to air dry to brush before placing it back into the holder. In this same cleaning procession, you may clean your toilet brush holder too.


Here you also need to fill the bucket with warm water. And add bleach or pine oil a little bit. Spread the liquid for a few minutes and let it set well. Now Dispose of bucket contains. And again, let the bucket dry in the air.


Your duster might be made of microfiber or feather or wool. But the cleaning processions of all of them are almost the same.

First of all, remove the dirt and dust by taking it outside. Then it would help if you washed it by placing it in a bucket of warm water. Here you may add some drops of liquid soap gel. It would be better for cleaning too. Now gently scrub the duster with your fingers and try to clean it as much as you can. Then rinse with warm water and let it air dry.

Last Line

It is effortless to utilize only a bucket of water and wash the mop in the same water used to wash the floor. It would be better to use two buckets, one for a solution of water and detergent, and another need to rinse the mop. Besides, you can also use one bucket for wash water, and you fill a sink basin with fresh water to rinse.

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