Spin Mop And Easy Steps To Wash Its Mop Head In Washing Machine

Change is inevitable. Everything that is created or produced is bound to change. It is no different in the case of a mop. From sponge mops to flat mops to microfiber mops and spin mop, there are a dozen mops available in the market. From a basic one, when you reach the stage of such variety in mops, that means it has evolved for good.

Spin Mop Vs. Others


On the one hand, you have simple mops, where you need a bucket of water to mop the floor. Then you need to remove water from the strands by squeezing them with your own hands and later put it on the rack to dry. If the mop pad has a microfiber pad on it, you can either wash it or discard the pad. Basically, you have quite a few tools here.

On the other hand, you have spin mops. A spin mop has everything going on in one single tool. It is a regular mop with microfiber strands and comes with a bucket. The bucket of the spin mop has two portions. You have a typical bucket for carrying water, and at one portion, you have the strainer or perforated basket.

The strainer is for wringing the dirty water and drying the mop without any use of the hands. You have either a foot or a hand pedal for extracting the excess water from the mop head.

To mop the floor, you just need to fill the bucket and dip the mop in to damp it. Then put it in the strainer and spin it with the help of the pedal. It is going to spin at a good speed, and you can easily get rid of all the excess water. And you are ready to mop.

For drying it and reusing it, you need to put it on the rack. As it is a spin mop, if you want, you can wring the excess water using the wringer. As a result, the mop head will dry sooner compared to other mop heads. So, you decide which one is easy to use, dry, and a space saver.

How to Wash Spin Mop Head in Washing Machine

When you mop, the mop head is going to get dirty. So, first, you need to buy a spin mop with washable mop heads. If it doesn’t allow easy wash, then it is going to get tough for you. But the good news is almost all the spin mop has mop heads that are machine washable. That means you can wash them in your washing machine at least 100 times.

Cleaning the mop head is very important. A dirty mop is going to be a habitation of germs and bacteria. And mopping with a spin mop, full of germs, is not going to clean your house. So, make sure to wash the dirty mop head thoroughly. So, how to wash spin mop head in washing machine, let’s discuss the easy steps a bit.

Easy Steps To Clean The Mop Head

You might ask why a washing machine for washing the mop head. The reason is it will do it fast and do it the right way. You can try manual washing, but in our opinion, if you have a washing machine, use it and wash the mop head right.

how to wash spin mop head in washing machine
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Detach The Mop Head

The first step is to detach the mop head from the handle. It should be easy. Some spin mop has clips to unclip the mop head, and others need a little twist to detach the head. They are made in such a way that, separating the mop head is going to be flexible. So, if done correctly and gently, the mop as a whole will not get damaged.

Get The Machine And Detergent Ready

Be sure of what detergent you are going to use to wash the mop head and how speedy the cycle of the machine is going to be. Read the user manual to know it better. But in our opinion, do not be too harsh on the mop head. Use a mild detergent and moderate speed, and the mop head will be ultra-clean. If possible, repeat the cleaning process twice.

Throw It In The Machine

Now, time to get the mop head in the machine. Avoid putting it randomly with other dirty stuff. All the dirt and germs of your whole house are on that one piece of tool, so you know better that it needs a separate wash. If it’s too dirty, then use bleach and detergent both to wash it.

Dry It Well

When you are sure that the mop head is super clean, take it out from the machine. Get rid of the excess water. Be it with the help of the washing machine, the strainer on the bucket, or manually. And if you do not want to work extra, get rid of the excess water within your capacity and let it dry in the sun. It is essential for a super clean, disinfected mop head.

When you have a spin mop, the onerous task of mopping becomes easy. So, if you do not have one, without wasting any more time, get one for you now. Machine or no machine in your house to wash the mop head, but a spin mop is excellent in all aspects.

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