Is Swiffer Safe On Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floor, no matter how luxurious, elegant, and distinct it looks and is, could be no less than a nightmare in more than one case. Maintaining a hardwood floor is similar to rearing a child. You have to be careful; one wrong move will take seconds to ruin it for you. So, it is always advised by experts to invest in high-quality cleaning products. When you could spend so much on the construction of hardwood floors, spending a bit more is hardly an issue.

Safe Hardwood Floor Cleaners


There are many high-quality, convenient floor cleaners and mops, and in most cases, they are not for hardwood floors. As if hardwood floors are only for dry dusting and it is better to keep it with stains rather than trying to remove them. That is why when a famous brand Swiffer ensures us about using its products to clean the hardwood floor; we are still apprehensive. Should you, can you use wet swiffer on hardwood floors?, if applied will it damage the hardwood and whatnot.

And, frankly, Swiffer does not even have too many wet products and damp sweepers going on in it. Especially the cleaning kits which are claimed to be wood safe. They have several products like Swiffer WetJet, a simple sweeping mop that could be used with either dry or wet pads. You can buy the disposable pads separately as well. So, if you are willing to use Swiffer on your costly hardwood floor, the options are plenty.


To make it easy for you, we will have a clear discussion on the Swiffer cleaning products that are safe to use on hardwood floors.

Swiffer Safe On Hardwood Floors

If you rear your child with the best means possible with the utmost care, there is no chance of blunders. So, when you are using a Swiffer product that is designed to use on the hardwood, it will not ruin the floor. Is Swiffer good for hardwood floors? Of course, aye, no doubt. But the only condition is you need to know which Swiffer you need to use, how to use, and how often.

Dry Pads

If you are using a Swiffer mop with dry pads on hardwood, you can do it with ease. Sweep and dry dust the floor with the disposable pad and throw it when it is dirty enough. The dry pads have a gentle scrub stripe on it, which you can try using to remove the stubborn dirt and stain. If they are not too dry and sticky, they will be gone with a few swipes. It is the safest for your hardwood floors.

Is Swiffer Safe On Hardwood Floors
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Swiffer WetJet

Swiffer WetJet is a spray mop that has everything you need to clean a floor in it. It is an all-in-one cleaning system. By buying Swiffer WetJet starter kit, you get a spray mop with a swivel mop head, a 500ml cleaning solution bottle, four batteries, and dry and wet pads. The number of pads varies depending on the kit you are buying. The cleaning solution is wood safe, and the disposable microfiber-like pads are very gentle.


We won’t suggest using the cleaning solution with the wet pad on hardwood floors. It will be too much for the surface to handle. The safest option is to use the dry pads and sweep the surface by spraying only a small amount of the cleaning solution at a time. The best part of this spray mop is the spray button doesn’t let you use much, and when sprays only spray an ultra-fine crisscrossing mist from the dual nozzles. So, it compels you to stay careful while cleaning your hardwood floor.

Wet Pads

Now, this is the one you need to be too careful about. Wet pads by Swiffer are allowed to be used on hardwood floors. So, why are we trying to warn you? Does that mean something? Will Swiffer ruin hardwood floors? The answer, in our opinion, is mixed outlooks. We do not think you should use Swiffer wet mop on hardwood floors. At least not the way you use the dry pads. When you fail to clean a stain with the dry pad or you do not have a Swiffer WetJet, only then use the wet pad, that too only to remove that particular stain. Do not sweep the whole hardwood floor by attaching a wet pad to the Swiffer mop.

How often should you clean hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors don’t need regular mopping. Neither damp mopping is for hardwood floors. So, you are left with dry mopping only. We generally tend to advise daily dusting. But if you have kids, pets and someone suffering from dust allergy dry dusting twice a day is the better prevention.

We suggest daily dusting because we are in dire need of a hygienic environment due to the pandemic we are struggling with. We would recommend daily mopping actually with a disinfectant solution, but as you shouldn’t use such products too often on hardwood floors, we suggest daily dusting. A hardwood floor vacuum cleaning machine is the best, so if you can, ditch the broom and dustpan.

We think twice a week cleaning with a Swiffer WetJet, and everyday dry dusting with Swiffer dry pad will suffice. Remove the dirt and grime from the high traffic areas like kitchen, drawing and dining hall, at once you notice.

The moment there is dirt, just sweep only that area with a Swiffer dry pad. Do not let those sit and dry and make it difficult for you to clean them later by spraying the cleaning solution. The less the cleaning solution you use, the better your hardwood floors lasts with its sheen intact.

Use a wet pad to remove tough stains once a month. If you dry dust daily, dry up the accidental spills or clean the food that just fell on the floor and mop even once a week with WetJet, there will be no tough stain.

Though we always tend to take hardwood floors too seriously due to its nature and price, they are not that delicate, not to handle a gentle scrub and cleaning solution. So, clean it carefully, but make sure to clean it thoroughly and what better than Swiffer for that.

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