Lifeproof Flooring Advantage and Disadvantage

There is nothing perfect in the world. Even the most ideal thing has to have some downsides. And when a particular product has varieties, the statement turns all the more accurate.

The different types fulfill different types of requirements. In the case of house flooring, the different styles get highlighted through and through. Every floor type is distinct, has a lot of pros and a few cons.

Depending on areas, budget, and appearance, the cons of one turns into another’s pros. The flooring type we will highlight here is the LifeProof flooring. The discussion on Lifeproof flooring advantage and disadvantage will let you know it’s good aspects and bad as well.

The motive is to help you decide whether your house needs it or you can do better. However, first, let’s talk a little about LifeProof flooring.

Lifeproof Flooring


LifeProof flooring is a type of luxury vinyl floor that is manufactured and retailed by an exclusive manufacturer and retailer. It is available in both plank and tile.

The Halstead New England Industries makes it exclusively for Home Depot. The consumers have to purchase LifeProof vinyl plank or tile only through Home Depot.

Lifeproof Flooring Advantage

Lifeproof Flooring Advantage and Disadvantage
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There are a lot of goods in LifeProof flooring. Only one or two are enough to decide whether you need it or not, but we have compiled seven. Let’s talk about the goods, one by one.


It is a vinyl floor, luxury, of course, but still, it’s too affordable and can be afforded by most. With the different styles, patterns, and the fact that you get two different options, tile and plank, the affordability is pretty impressive. You can either use it as an alternative to any vinyl flooring as well as hardwood flooring. On top of that, the easy installation by the homeowners through DIY makes it even more budget-friendly.


It could be affordable, but that has not compromised with its quality even a bit. It is a rigid, sturdy flooring with up to six layers, including an ISOCORE layer and three layers of PVC composite. When it has that, especially ISOCORE, you know the floor will be ultra-stable and more durable than most vinyl flooring. It is rigid, not flexible enough, but still very soft to walk on. And the bottom layer, the sound mitigating underlayment, makes it a floor, quiet and comfy to walk on too.


Vinyl flooring already handles moisture really well. However, LifeProof flooring has taken that ability to a few notches higher by turning it into 100% waterproof flooring. You can damp mop the floor every day with warm water if you want. Everyday cleaning is essential to keep the floor ultra clean and sanitized. You can install this stylish, luxurious flooring in the bathroom and kitchen areas, as well as the walking area of the lawn, basement, garage, on the terrace without worrying about rain, moisture and grime, and watering the garden.

Protection Against Harmful Allergens

Both the top and bottom layer boasts ultra-fresh treatment. As the layers are well-treated, there will be no growth of bacteria, germ, mold, and mildew. Neither will it be filled with harmful allergens, which could be very dangerous for the kids, pets, and family members who have allergies. The floor itself protects the members living in the house and staying around the flooring all the time.

Not Overloaded with Chemicals

LifeProof flooring is not made with materials too harsh for the environment, neither it is overladen with harmful chemicals. The use of the substances is minimal and makes it safer than many other vinyl floors. It is low in volatile organic compounds, which means the floor will not emit harmful gases due to the reaction between vinyl material and temperature and heat in the surroundings. Not just that, it is free of both formaldehyde and phthalate as well as several contaminants, unlike other low-quality vinyl floorings, even some top-tier ones.

A Decent Alternative to Hardwood

Going with the LifeProof flooring instead of hardwood in your house sounds good, especially when it is way better in durability in the kitchen and bathrooms. You can install hardwood in the rest of the home minus the kitchen and bathroom and match the hardwood floor by installing similarly designed LifeProof flooring in those areas to maintain the hardwood-look around the house.

Easy Upkeep

You need water to keep the LifeProof vinyl floor clean. No matter if it’s the plank or the tile, warm water is enough to mop it regularly. You can remove even the most stubborn filth with vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing soap mixed with warm water. When a floor allows daily mopping with water and DIY solutions, you know it’s easy maintenance.

Lifeproof Flooring Disadvantage

A compilation of advantages naturally brings us to the barrage of disadvantages. Considering the price, these are easily ignorable. However, letting you know the cons is essential.

Not Long-Lasting

The flooring comes with a 5-year warranty and lasts well up to 15 years, which is not a very long span considering it is a luxury vinyl flooring and not too affordable than other vinyl types.

Can’t Be Restored

Vinyl floors must be replaced once damaged. They cannot be restored or refurbished, like say, a hardwood floor. Lifeproof flooring is vinyl thus needs to be replaced once warped, scratched, or dented. The short lifespan pretty much implies that it will be damaged soon, and if it doesn’t allow restoration, replacing the entire flooring within 20 years is a bummer.

A Cheaper Copy

When you compare it to hardwood, you are never going to like LifeProof flooring. There are better replicas of hardwood floors like, say, the engineered hardwood flooring. Hence, if you are expecting it to be a closer replica, please know it’s not.

Not Eco-Friendly

It’s PVC, so it cannot be eco-friendly. If you want to go green, then nothing is better than real hardwood. Any other floor other than hardwood will not be eco-friendly. But as LifeProof flooring is low in VOCs and doesn’t have several contaminants, that makes it a better option than many other similar floorings.

Not Easily Available

LifeProof flooring is exclusive. You can find it in the store and online, but only when it is Home Depot. If you are not living near Home Depot or it doesn’t ship in your area, you will not get LifeProof flooring. Moreover, sometimes, it limits the already limited designs and patterns to its customers, citing different reasons, which could be quite frustrating if you really want to install LifeProof flooring.

If you know how to take care of a floor surface, you can actually increase its lifespan. Vinyl flooring, which includes LifeProof too, calls for easy upkeep, so your journey to increasing its lifespan turns even more manageable with just warm water and the DIY cleaning solutions. So, always take care of the LifeProof flooring, and your decision to install it would be worth it.

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