Rough Clean vs Final Clean- Get a Complete Conception

It’s quite impossible to clean any construction site precisely at the first effort. 

There are phases of cleaning the construction site & making it habitable. Among all cleaning processes, rough clean and final clean are the most popular processes.

You must keep a complete overview on rough clean vs final clean to understand their basic comparisons. Both cleaning processes need different manpower, different time, and different instruments.

Besides, you’ll need to pay some additional money in case of the final cleaning. On the flip side, the rough cleaning process isn’t as subtle as the final clean. The rough clean is insufficient to make any construction for living people permanently. To know more about these cleaning processes, dive into the main writing. 

Rough Clean vs Final Clean
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What is the rough clean? 


Rough cleaning is considered the first phase of cleaning any construction site. The main purpose of rough cleaning is to dispose of large debris and trash from the place. Rough cleaning helps to make future painting and flooring more smooth and accurate. Rough cleaning doesn’t make the place liveable but gradually improves the condition. 

What is the final clean?

The final clean is the cleaning process which has to start after completing the construction. This process ensures to remove the debris from the place soberingly. You need to sweep the floors, along with removing the subtle unwanted paints from the windows and appliances. Final clean requires more time and labor than rough cleaning. After completing the cleaning process, the residence became liveable at that moment.

Comparison chart

Thinking about getting a quick overview on rough clean vs final clean? This part can satisfy you by revealing their prime distinctions. 

Serial Number Rough clean Final clean
1 To complete a rough clean, you’ll need these instruments.

  • Heavy-duty trash bags
  • Pans for cleaning dust
  • Mops
  • Buckets
  • Vacuum cleaner and so on.
The final clean can be done using the following instruments.

  • Air scrubbers
  • Floor scrubbers
  • Dust collecting bag
  • Mops in different sizes
  • Carpet cleaning device
  • Cleaning supplies and so on.
2 Rough cleaning includes cleaning toilets, tubs, sinks, and regular appliances.  Final clean includes both cleaning and polishing. From kitchen cabinets to the living room’s floor- everything is included in the final clean.
3 You won’t need to invest more time while having rough cleaning.  Final cleaning requires more time as it cleans up even the last debris. 
4 Up to $0.15 is demanded to perform a rough clean per square foot of any site.  You’ll need to pay $0.15 to $0.60 per square foot to perform the final clean.
5 Around 2 to 4 people can perform a rough clean of the new construction in 1 to 2 days.  The same number of people can perform the final clean taking a few more days. 

Difference between rough clean and final clean

This section talks about some differences between rough clean and final clean. 

Which one takes more time- rough clean or final clean?

Final cleaning takes more time than rough cleaning. Rough cleaning removes some basic debris along with the obstacles. It makes the residual construction work easy. After completing some last-minute work, a lot of debris gathers around the place. 

So, a final clean is mandatory to clean the place perfectly. Typically, 100 to 200 square feet of any house takes 1 hour to clean properly. In the case of a final clean, the time increases depending on the working condition.

Rough clean or final clean- which one requires more instruments?

The number of necessary instruments depends on the professional’s working strategy. Comparing the instruments, the final clean needs more instruments to clean the place. Performing rough clean without trash bags, brooms, and efficient vacuum is unimaginable. 

Besides, mops in different sizes and buckets are mandatory for rough cleaning. But, you’ll need a few more instruments along with these instruments. The air scrubbers, burnishers, extractors, and cleaning supplies are mandatory to complete the final clean.

Do rough clean and final clean include the same service?

Rough clean and final clean includes almost the same services in different manners. When dealing with rough clean, you need to clean floors, unwanted stains, and paints from the house. But, the final clean requires to be more subtle. 

Cleaning up all toilets, tubs, sinks and necessary appliances is part of the rough clean. And giving a final clean to them along with polishing and vacuuming is part of the final clean. 

Rough clean or final clean- which one needs more manpower?

Since final cleaning is more subtle, it needs a large amount of time. More manpower can decrease the working hour and clean the residence more accurately. A simple-designed 1000 sq ft construction can be cleaned with 4 to 8 people within a day. 

If you increase the manpower, the speed of cleaning must be improved. Even, your final result will be more than your expectation. 

Which one requires more service charge- rough clean or final clean?

Rough clean is cheaper than final clean. Usually, $150 is demanded to perform a rough clean at any construction. The pricing may vary depending on the construction’s architecture, interior & other specifications. On the other hand, a final clean requires up to $600. 

This pricing also varies depending on the construction’s specifications. If you increase manpower & look for a reputed cleaning company, the budget should be increased. 


Looking for some answers on the common questions related to rough clean vs final clean? Here you get some questions with straight answers. 

What does post-construction cleaning include?

Post-construction cleaning includes cleaning all the trash from the property. It requires sweeping the floors, cleaning doors & windows with necessary appliances. This expensive and laborious process also includes removing unwanted stains from the walls. 

Is post-construction cleaning hard?

Post-construction cleaning isn’t largely different from regular cleaning. It includes dusting, vacuuming, and polishing like regular cleaning. But, post-construction cleaning is nothing but the intensive version of regular cleaning. So, it’s slightly difficult to perform.

How much should I charge to clean a 3000 sq ft house?

Generally, less than 1000 sq ft takes around $90 to clean the house. A 3000 sq ft house can be cleaned after offering $250. However, the pricing may vary depending on the different cleaning companies. If you appoint more people, the cost will be increased.

What is the difference between general cleaning and deep cleaning?

General cleaning removes the large-sized obstacles from the residence. It doesn’t clean the house deeply. On the flip side, deep cleaning removes the deep dirt and grime from the place. Here is the difference between general and deep cleaning. 

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You must have understood the distinction between rough clean vs final clean. The final clean isn’t as deep as the rough clean. You need to remove all small debris along with the stains from the construction. 

Besides, final cleaning is costly. You need to appoint more people to decrease the time interval of the final clean. The required instruments for final cleaning are more than rough clean in numbers.

First, determine the condition of your house to go for a cleaning process. Are your house completely ready to live? Then the residence needs a final clean. Otherwise, a rough clean is a suitable option to choose.

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