Shark Vacuum Making Weird Suction Noise – Reasons and Solutions

Shark vacuum is one of the most popular cleaners in the industry due to its quality, effectiveness, and longevity. But even sometimes, it creates problems.

You may find out that shark vacuums make weird suction noises during cleaning. Yes, shark vacuum generally makes a loud noise while cleaning. But the weird sound is different and you can easily understand there is something wrong with it.

But what does this sound mean? What are the reasons for the problem? And how can you solve it? Well, different types of sounds indicate different problems and you need to apply different solutions for that.

The reasons why shark vacuum makes weird suction noise


A Shark vacuum becomes noisy most often when blockage or filter damage occurs. Here you know more in detail about the most responsible reasons behind this malfunction. 

Shark Vacuum Making Weird Suction Noise
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Getting blocked

Getting blocked is one of the commonest problems with vacuums. Any part oriented to the suction of the vacuum can create a blocking issue. The blockage is created when a buildup of dirt and dust becomes so severe.

As a result, air can no longer flow in the vacuum smoothly. Shark vacuum suction problems are widely created due to this blockage issue. The hindrance of the airflow makes the embracing noise continuously. 

Large debris stuck

Another possible reason for blockage is the large debris stuck inside the vacuum. If the suction pressure is extremely high, it’s possible to grab a large piece of debris. It’s not hard to realize that large debris occupies a huge area and hinders air movement. Therefore, a weird sound is generated. 

Dirty Or Damaged Filters

Shark vacuum rarely appears with a dirty or damaged filter. There are three types of filters for Shark vacuums. 

  • An incoming air filter
  • A pre-motor filter
  • An exhaust filter

Any of them can get damaged or partially damaged after a certain time. Then, the suction operation can’t be as smooth as the regular. The sound will be louder when the filter is properly wasted. 

Grabbing Hard Material

Grabbing any hard item like pebbles or rocks is a common mistake by vacuum cleaners. When it’s inside the vacuum, it directly hits the bin’s sides. As a result, a loud rattling noise is produced. Any household items could cause this problem including marbles, paperclips, and more. 

Belt Snapped In Powerhead

Some shark vacuum models come with powerheads. It’s a small drive motor that turns the brush roll. This action is performed by turning a rubber belt to ensure continuous spinning. The small rubber belt normally wears and tears after a certain time. 

Despite facing this situation, the motor doesn’t stop turning the damaged belt. Therefore, you hear a noise that you might recognize as rattling. You can easily determine if the noise is coming from the power head.

The solution to the problems – shark vacuum making weird suction noise 

All the aforementioned problems have easy solutions. Let’s talk about shark vacuum troubleshooting. 

Blockage problem

  • First, you need to disconnect all of the vacuum’s hoses. If there is any extension hose, start by detaching it. Then, follow the user manual to detach the prime hose of the vacuum correctly. Also, detach the wand, and any other attachments.
  • It’s time to inspect each one with a flashlight. If there is a blockage issue, you can locate it easily. 
  • The difficult part is inspecting the flexible hose. Drop a coin from the one open part of the hose. If the coin falls out the other end, then the flexible hose is passed. Otherwise, the blockage is with the flexible hose for sure. 
  • Once you determine the blockage area, you can easily dispose of the obstacle. If it’s hard to remove, get an expert immediately to resolve the problem.
  • One thing to remember, the filter blockage issue can’t be resolved without replacement. Especially, if the HEPA filter of the vacuum is affected, it’s mandatory to get the new one. 

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Noise from unknown source problem

  • Shark vacuum hissing noise is often created from an unknown source. If the noise is from a hole or tears in the hose or wand, replacing those parts is the only solution. Unfortunately, these parts are hard to repair. Even if it’s possible, it won’t be worth the money. 
  • It’s suggested to temporarily seal the hole with duct tape in the meantime. In case you can’t manage it, use something similar for a temporary fix.
  • Sometimes, the loud noise comes from the vacuum’s cover. You don’t have any option rather than closing it correctly. Check out if there is any dirt trapped in the cover’s seal. This problem also takes place when the vacuum bag isn’t seated correctly in its place. 

Damaged filter problem

  • Detaching the filter of the vacuum cleaner was never an easy part. First, check the user manual to know the exact filter numbers. 
  • If any filter is washable, take them out carefully. Start washing them in your sink. Better, use the rinse water for deep cleaning. 
  • After washing the filter, keep it under the sun or air for at least 24 hours. It’ll be dried within this interval. 
  • If you have a different type of filter, then you need to deal with the dirt on the surface first. Start by removing any thick layers of dust staying on the top. However, if the filters are properly damaged, there is no alternative except for replacing them with new ones.

Hard material stuck problem

  • Hard material causes rattling noise and makes the environment intolerable. Emptying the bin may work if the problem isn’t deep. If the obstacle is trapped in the hose or wand, then you have a bigger problem. Have you ever experienced the Shark vacuum making high-pitched noise? This situation creates this problem and perhaps, it’s the worst problem for a vacuum. 
  • Try to force the obstacle with a stick or something usable. If the obstacle is badly fit inside the hose, then stop using the stick. It’s a bad move in this circumstance because there is a big possibility of hose damage. 

Belt and motor issue

  • Shark vacuum motor making loud noise means the motor isn’t working nicely. The first thing to detach is the powerhead from the rest of the vacuum. Unless you want to get it damaged, place it on a suitable work surface.
  • Now, you need to take the soleplate of the vacuum off. Detaching the soleplate allows you to access the powerhead’s insides. Hence, you can recover the existing problem.
  • Perhaps, the belt is broken and it happens mostly in this circumstance. 
  • The next thing to do is to wrap the new belt around the motor as well as the brush bar. Check the suitable alignment of the belt. You need to turn the brush bar with your hand to execute this operation. 
  • Finally, you should replace the soleplate. End this operation by tightening the removed screws. 

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A good condition vacuum cleaner is all we want when cleaning. But when it starts making weird suction noises, wrinkles show up on your forehead. That is why it is highly important you know the reasons and solutions.

It will help you solve the problem easily and get your job done perfectly again. A faulty vacuum is inefficient and ineffective. You cannot clean the home perfectly when you have a faulty vacuum. So try to know the root of the problem and act accordingly.

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