Shark Vacuum Motor Reset

Are you facing some problems with your shark vacuum recently? Like the vacuum’s brush is not spinning correctly or the suction is not working. What you need to do is a shark vacuum motor reset. Now the question is how to do it? 

First, you need to find the power button. Once it is found, hold the button for 10 seconds after releasing it and turn the vacuum on again. By the time the vacuum is on, it has been reset. It is the fastest method to get your vacuum reset.

If you are still facing problems, you can use other methods. To know about them stay with us.

Let Us Tell You All The Details Of Shark Vacuum Motor Reset 


Other Method 

If the first method mentioned above didn’t work, then it is clear that you need to use the intensive way of resetting the motor. 

Two things to remember: first, the process will take quite a long time, and second, you must follow the instructions carefully to make it work.

Shark Vacuum Motor Reset
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Tools Required 

Before starting the method, you need some tools for the work. Make sure you have them ready.

  • Metal Spudger
  • Screw Driver
  • Opening Tool for Plastic 

Steps To Follow

My warriors, are you ready with your equipment to start the mission. So without wasting time, let’s follow the steps.

Detaching Vacuum Head

To detach the vacuum’s head from its body, first, you need to unplug the vacuum. Then disconnect the hose from the bottom that you can see attached to the bottom. While taking out the hose from its casing, you might need to use brute force. 

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Lay the vacuum on one side, and after you are done with it, you will see a rubbery kind of button located underneath the vacuum. Press that button to separate the body from the head. 

Removing Front Wheel

After separating the head from the body, turn it over and make sure that the brush head of the vacuum is facing towards the ceiling while doing so.

To remove the front wheel, Insert the metal spudger at the front side of the wheel and pull it up slowly so that you can see the screws that are under it. Do the same for the other wheel.

Taking Out Screws

If you have completed removing the front wheel, you must have seen the screws under them. By using the screwdriver, remove both the 18mm screws. There are four more screws left to be removed. 

You can find them either in the middle or bottom of the vacuum head and the top corners. Don’t forget to remove them also.  

More Screws 

You guys must be thinking about why we are removing so many screws. If you don’t remove all the screws, it won’t be possible to detach the vacuum’s plastic casing. 

So inside the large wheel, two more screws are attaching it to the body. Remove them using the screwdriver.  

Plastic Cover Removal

Using the plastic casing tool, remove the vacuum plastic cover by putting it up. To remove the plastic cover easily, you might need to put it in different places. 

Once it is adequately removed, you can see the motor placed on the top left side of the headshell of your vacuum.

Pre Step Of Removing Motor

This step is crucial because you can’t remove the motor if this is not executed correctly. So first, you need to remove the belt from the motor gear. You don’t need any tool; slide the belt first at the extreme side using bare hands. 

After removing the belt, you can see a white metal wire connector. Detach it from the motor and repeat the same thing with the black metal wire connector. 

Just for your knowledge, the white and the black wire connectors represent the motor’s positive and negative wiring.

Last Step

If you have completed the previous step, you can remove the motor without any problem. To place the new motor, follow the same steps but reverse. 


What are the signs that my shark vacuum brush is not spinning? 

Well, don’t panic; see if you are getting the following symptoms or not. Like the light in of your roll indicator is either red or no light at all. Suddenly your brush bar stops spinning.

And lastly, if the vacuum is taking out dirt even when it is not active and leaving piles of dirt on the hardwood and tile floor while lifting. If any of them are not happening, be sure that your vacuum brush is not spinning.

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We hope that following the methods we have mentioned will be easy for you to solve the shark vacuum motor reset issue. The ways we have said will work if they are correctly executed.

But if one of the steps goes wrong, it can destroy the vacuum

So by any chance, if you are not confident enough to do the methods or don’t have any previous knowledge about them, then the best option for you is to ask for professional help. 

It might cost you, but at least it will save you from buying a new vacuum.

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    1. No, no need to unplug it follow the instruction: first, you need to find the power button. Once it is found, hold the button for 10 seconds after releasing it and turn the vacuum on again. By the time the vacuum is on, it has been reset. It is the fastest method to get your vacuum reset.

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