Solutions to Shark Vacuum Light Blinking Problem

Shark vacuums are equipped with indicator lights to signal the different status the machine may be in. The indicator lights give a good hint towards what may be wrong with the machine despite being limited in number. 

Usually, you would have red and green lights and lights in front of the cleaner’s head. Some wireless variants have a blue light to indicate the charging status.

If the green light is turned on, it indicates no problem to the vacuum cleaner. However, red blinking lights could mean a range of complications with the cleaner. It could be anything from a clogged brush to an overworked battery which may need replacement. 

And if you have a wireless cleaner, you may observe the blue light blinking while being charged. This is perfectly normal, as it indicates the vacuum cleaner is charging as it should.

As we mentioned, flashing indicator lights can inform something is not going quite right with your vacuum cleaner. If that’s the case with yours, keep reading…

Why do Shark Vacuum Light Blinking in the First Place?


Before we talk about why the indicator lights would blink, we should know about the specifics of the red light.

If you are vacuuming and see the red light flashing up, it could mean that the vacuum cleaner has overheated. This can happen if you have been vacuuming your house for quite a long while. 

Solutions to Shark Vacuum Light Blinking Problem
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Aside from that, some models have an extra security feature. This would automatically turn off the vacuum cleaner if overheating is the issue. 

However, if you have just started vacuuming and the red lights flash up, then something else is not functioning right.

  • One feature that could malfunction could be the brush roll. Oftentimes when the machine is sucking up dirt, relatively large pieces of debris can get sucked up. And that debris can become stuck around the brush roll and wrap itself around, restricting proper airflow.

Unfortunately, dirt can also get tangled up within the bearings of the brush roll itself on the sides. From time to time, the debris would accumulate on the roll and on the sides, which can hinder its performance.

  • Another component that can suffer from deterioration could be the motor. The motor itself may become overheated and trigger the red light to flash. 

To further investigate, you may need to open the floor detachment of the vacuum cleaner and inspect the motor. If the motor has some noticeable burnt regions, clearly it has been damaged.

The brush roll is operated by a vacuum belt. If the vacuum belt has suffered wear and tear and has deteriorated, it can malfunction. For this, the motor itself would stop working.

However, in some situations, the problem may not even be too complex in the first place. It is quite likely that the battery has run out and you need to charge it; that is if you have a rechargeable vacuum cleaner. If not then at least ensure the outlet you have plugged your cleaner to is supplying power correctly.

Sometimes, the front headlights could even flash up to indicate some different problems. If you turn the swivel of your vacuum while cleaning, it can disturb the wiring inside the cleaner. 

The front headlights get their power from the main body. It is recommended to not bend the swivel too much while cleaning. As well as that, flashing headlights can infer a jammed brush roll that won’t turn about.

If you have a shark robot vacuum, it would flash blue lights to indicate it is charging in its dock. However, some models like the shark robot TK may flash its “clean” light blue. 

This is to indicate that a sensor, like the drop or front wheel sensor isn’t working. Move the robot vacuum to a new surface like luxury vinyl plank floors to function properly. But, if the “spot” light is flashing blue it indicates that the robot cannot move due to an obstacle in front. Simply move the robot to a new place so that it can carry on working.

How to resolve the problems associated with blinking lights?

Let’s start off with the simpler ones. If you suspect that vacuuming for too long has caused an overheating issue, you should let the machine rest. 

Ideally, you should let it cool down for 45 minutes. After that, if you vacuum and the green light is on, it means overheating was the problem.

Battery Issues

Then you can check the battery itself. Sometimes the battery may get damaged. After recharging if the vacuum cleaner still doesn’t work, you would need to replace the battery. Take the cleaner to a local repair shop so that they can fix a new battery into it.

Problems with the brush roll

However, if the problem is with the brush roll, you would need to open it from the access panel. Then you may need to manually get rid of the dirt and debris stuck up in the bearings and the brush itself. But be cautious to not damage the roll itself.

Burnt out motor

In the case of a burnt-out motor, there is nothing to fix. You would need to get it replaced. It is better if you get this done by a technician.

Clean up the interior of the vacuum cleaner

Generally, most of the problems listed here are caused by clogged-up parts. For example, the brush roll having debris tangled in its bearings and rolls can overheat the motor. So for that to not happen, you have to ensure routine clean-up of your shark vacuum cleaner.

Empty the dust canister and clean the area around it. As well as that, make sure the hoses do not have dirt built up inside them. 

As we have mentioned earlier, do ensure the brush roll is free of stuck-up debris. You may use a pair of scissors to cut through some tangled hair or dirt, but again, remember to not ruin the brush.

 Finally, do keep the filters of the cleaner neat as well. You should replace them at least once annually after prolonged use.

Plug-in issues

Some problems, however, have very trivial solutions. One of them is not turning on the cleaner properly in the first place. 

Many first-time users may not fully understand the functionalities of the shark vacuum cleaner. The cleaner has 2 modes: a brush roll mode and a suction mode. After plugging it into the outlet, ensure that you have chosen the correct mode while cleaning your room.


Why does my wireless shark vacuum cleaner keep shutting down?

There could be many reasons for that. One of them could be clogged filters, brush roll, and hose pipes. As we mentioned earlier, ensure that they are routinely cleaned up and looked upon after prolonged use. 

Do not let too much dirt accumulate, or else such incidents will continue. Another key reason could be the battery itself. It is either low on power or has become faulty for some reason. In either case, first, try charging it up, and if it does not resolve the issue, go to the technician to get it changed.

Why are my shark vacuum headlights not working?

It could be due to an electrical malfunction. Wires or other components could become tangled up or damaged due to unforeseen reasons. Moreover, it is also possible the vacuum cleaner has overheated. For this, the cleaner’s automatic safety mechanism may have shut down the vacuum cleaner by itself to prevent further harm. We have outlined previously how to tackle any issue of overheating or tangled wires. But if still in doubt, always get in touch with a technician. 

Does a shark vacuum have a reset button? How do I reset a shark vacuum cleaner?

To reset your shark vacuum motor, first, unplug it from the outlet after switching it off. Or, if you have a wireless model, turn it off. Then open the vacuum cleaner and look for any blockages or build-up of dust, debris, or dirt in the hoses, filters, or brush rolls. After inspecting and cleaning if necessary, leave the vacuum undisturbed to allow it to cool down. After cooling it down, turn on the vacuum and start cleaning.

Bottom Line

Flashing lights on your shark vacuum cleaner can aggravate an issue, especially if you are new to vacuum cleaning. We hope that this article has helped you to understand the problems and solutions to some of the problems that a flashing light may indicate to your shark vacuum. 

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