Steam mop vs Swiffer- Thorough Analysis

Dusting and mopping with brooms and mops are not the only options to clean nowadays. Time and again, the invention of new things has made our life easy. We have vacuums for dusting if we want to spend a bit more on a cleaning product. As time passed, some new cleaning products were invented. Among all the newness, we now have steam mops and Swiffer.

The debate on Steam mop vs Swiffer is not a new thing. Some prefer the former and the rest, the later. Both have their own sets of upsides and downsides. Depending on the surface you have in your house and your comfort, you might prefer one a bit more than the other.

Steam Mop


Steam mops are mops that produce steam. The steam works effectively on loosening the dirt within seconds. You have reusable microfiber pads or cloths on them that can be great in mopping the surface without damaging it.

For stubborn stains, you also get delicate scrubbing pads. With the steam and scrubbing pad, removing the sticky mess becomes a matter of a few seconds. You have a water tank to fill and a long cord to plug in. Once you plug in the cord, the mop takes 30 seconds at best to produce steam.


You have different levels of steam from super high to low. Depending on the dirt, you need to choose the steam level. Though you are mopping the floor with plain water, you can add fragrance to the ambiance as you have the fragrance discs. Some steam mops come with fragrance discs, and some have the option, but one needs to buy the product separately.


Swiffer is an all-in-one mopping system. It is safe to use on every type of floor. Be it finished hardwood floors, tile, marble, stone, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, sealed wood, and beyond. It has a dual spray nozzle. The reinforced handle makes it easy to release the solution with just the touch of a finger.


The solution it comes with is of the same brand, and it works great in dissolving stubborn and stickiest messes. You have the WetJet pad, which is as delicate on the surface as it should be. Though the combo of the pad and solution loosens the stubborn dirt off the floor yet, it leaves no scratch while doing it.

Comparison Steam Mop vs Swiffer

Steam mop vs Swiffer
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Comparison #1- Floor Type

A steam mop cannot be used on unsealed hardwood floors. Hardwood floors can resist moisture, but the gaps between the board don’t have the moisture-resistant finish on them. Unsealed and laminate floors should not be mopped with a steam mop regularly. If you have curled corners or loose tiles, avoid steam mopping as the moisture from the steam will worsen the condition of the flooring. However, as we mentioned right above, Swiffer is as versatile as a mop can get.

Comparison #2- Solution

Some floors don’t allow you to use chemical solutions on them, and some do not have such reservations. On one side, you have the steam mop, which needs only a specific quantity of water in its water tank to produce steam. You need to wait for at least 30 seconds for the steam mop to produce steam, and then you can clean the surface. It is all water; no harsh chemicals are used in the case of a steam mop. On the other hand, you have the Swiffer, which has a tank, especially for solutions. Swiffer Wet Jet comes with a specific solution of the same brand, and that is pretty effective on the dirt and stain. You have a dual spray nozzle and need to spray the solution with the trigger.


The solution you use with Swiffer might not be as harmful as harsh chemicals, but still, it is a chemical. If you want to keep it natural, prefer a steam mop.

Comparison #3- Time Limit

With a steam mop, one cannot mop a specific spot for more than 15-20 seconds. If you are keeping it more than 15-20 seconds, you are ruining your floor. But that is not the case in Swiffer. You can spray the solution and mop the spot till the stain is fully removed. You have to be extra careful while using a steam mop. So, here, the better one is, of course, Swiffer.

Comparison #4- Pad

In the case of Swiffer, the pads you are using to mop the floor cannot be reused. Once you use it, you will have to discard it. Though you can easily purchase the pads, still many might think of it as a hindrance. On the other side, the microfiber pads and scrub pads a steam mop comes with are washable and reusable for up to 100 times. A mop pad that can be used up to 100 times is always a better option than buying 100 separate pads.

Comparison #5- Deep Clean

If you want a deep clean of your floors, a steam mop is the better option for you than Swiffer. Swiffer is great for cleaning the dirt and the grout. However, for a deep clean, steam mop excels. Without using chemicals, a steam mop ensures eliminating 99.9% germs and bacteria. It is natural. Swiffer also removes a good amount of germs and bacterias due to its effective cleaning solution. Yet natural steam disinfects better than the solution that is used with the Swiffer.


Comparison #6- Sticky Surface

With a steam mop, there is no chance of a sticky surface. Steam produced through plain water does not have anything in it to make the surface sticky. On the other hand, even if you are spraying the liquid moderately and mopping the surface thoroughly, there are chances of stickiness on the surface. And that is due to the solution you are using with the Swiffer. In some portions, it can be slippery too. So, to avoid sticky surfaces, get a steam mop.

We are not going to announce the better product here. Because Swiffer is versatile, and you cannot use a steam mop on every type of floor. Our research says both a steam mop and Swiffer can be great in cleaning dirt, but you need to keep the kind of flooring in mind. However, you can gauge our inclination towards a steam mop very well. You need to know your requirements and prefer one between the two. And if you are interested, you can try both and use both in alternative days. So, which one you think will be better for your flooring? Let us know your preference.

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