Swiffer vs Bona: A Detail Comparison

Swiffer and Bona are both trendy names in the world of cleaning products. Both make some very effective cleaning solutions and mops. It will not be wrong to call them arch-rival. Both are, undoubtedly, high-quality and nothing less than a revolution when it comes to cleaning floors keeping the look, quality, and sheen intact.

There are features on both which are better than the other. So, if two products deserve a comparison, those products should be Swiffer and Bona. Therefore, our attempt to discuss Swiffer vs Bona in detail. As perhaps you have already guessed, here we are going to review their spray mops.

Our thought process was to discuss all the differences possible. Be it the look, the features, and the performance. So, we are going to stick to that only.

Product Description

Let’s try to describe the products a bit.

Swiffer WetJet


Swiffer WetJet is a spray mop with a dual nozzle. It is an all-in-one cleaning system, a starter kit that includes pads, a cleaning solution bottle with the spray mop. Swiffer WetJet only weighs 3.32lbs, thus very lightweight.

Bona Spray Mop

Bona spray mop is also an all-in-one cleaning system where you have a nozzle to spray the cleaning solution. You get a microfiber pad attached to its mop head, and the cleaning solution in a cartridge is also included with it. Bona weighs 5.2lbs. Still very lightweight but not as light as the WetJet. So, here we go, we have already stirred the comparison pot.

Swiffer WetJet And Bona Spray Mop

Before we get into the ‘Vs.’, let us talk about things that are similar in them. So both are spray mops.

They are both an all-in-one cleaning system with a swivel head. Thus reaching underneath the furniture, cleaning the corners, removing dirt from the hard-to-reach places becomes easy without bothering you much.

You do not ruin the furniture with the mops’ corners and edges. Because on the one hand, Bona has flexible, soft corners, and the Swiffer mop head is smaller than the attached mop pad, and the pads are bound to be gentle and soft.

Both have comfortable handles on them to hold the mop tight and for long and triggers to spray a fine mist. The fine mist brings us to the cleaning solution that both includes with their spray mops.

Swiffer vs. Bona
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The brands, both Swiffer and Bona, make cleaning solutions. There is a compartment to insert the cleaning solution bottle on both the mop. Once you insert and lock the container, you are ready to spray the solution through the nozzle. Both emit fine mist, albeit differently, so no chance of overusing the cleaning solution.

Though these solutions are gentle and not harsh on the floor, yet using limited quantity is always the key to long-lasting flooring and healthy ambiance.

Both the mops use cloth on the mop head. Just like the cleaning solution, even the mop pads are gentle to the floor. Thus, there is no need to worry about scratches on the surface.

Swiffer WetJet Vs. Bona Spray Mop

When there are so many similarities, there will be differences as well. And that will perhaps help us to conclude. Which is better Swiffer or bona? Or would we? We don’t know yet, let’s see.

Mop head

The first difference lies in the mop head. Swiffer’s mop head is comparatively smaller than the Bona. Which means Bona covers a better area with one sweep than a Swiffer WetJet. The extra-large mop head is the reason for Bona to claim working 40% faster than other mops available in the market.


Swiffer WetJet power mop includes five microfiber-like disposable mop pads. These pads are Pro at absorbing and locking the dissolved dirt, grime, and grease. On the other hand, Bona comes with a microfiber cloth, which is machine washable. So, in the long term, you save a lot by investing in a Bona spray mop, and it is convenient as well because it is not always practical to continuously buy disposable pads. Though the disposable pads work well, it is not eco-friendly.

Cleaning Solution

Swiffer includes a 500ml Swiffer original formula cleaner and Bona, a cartridge filled with 850ml original formula floor cleaner. The cartridge is pre-filled, and you just need to insert that in the compartment. But in the case of the Swiffer, you have no such cartridge; instead, you can directly enter and lock the bottle.


In this case, Swiffer WetJet has the upper hand. It can clean almost all the floor types, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, and ceramic floors. But Bona is suggested to use only on the hardwood floors. If you want, you can try them on other surfaces as an experiment, but the product itself doesn’t recommend doing it.


Bona has two grip handles on it, and Swiffer has only one. Other than the main handle, Bona has a secondary grip. That helps you to hold the mop way too tightly while scrubbing the stubborn stains.


Swiffer sprays ultra-fine mist with its dual nozzle. The spray button works with four batteries, and they are included in the kit. There is a battery compartment right in the solution compartment. You push the button once, and the dual nozzle sprays ultra-fine mist creating a cross. So, the fine mist is evenly spread. On the other hand, Bona has only one nozzle, but it’s strong enough to cover an area as big as the mop head. There is no battery; it is powered with air pressure.


Swiffer has a button to click for spraying the cleaning solution, but Bona has a trigger similar to the trigger we see on spray bottles.

The Better Spray Mop

The differences are endless, to be honest. But the above info was enough for us to decide the winner in our opinion. Is Bona better than Swiffer? Or is it Swiffer that holds the top position?

Depending on just the microfiber machine-washable pad, the two grips, and extra-large mop head, we think Bona is a hair better.

But the problem still is that if you do not have hardwood floors, you cannot use Bona spray mop. So, it being a hair better means nothing if you have vinyl, tile, or laminate flooring. Thus in versatility, Swiffer is a lot better.

Amid all the similarities and comparisons of swiffer mop we can at least very well assure you, whichever spray mop you buy, Swiffer or Bona, you are paying for a product that will make your life easy.

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