The 5 Best Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Machine in 2023 [Home and Commercial Use]

Many of you might not be familiar with the word terrazzo. But we bet you have seen terrazzo floors in luxurious houses. An elegant floor demands a high-quality cleaning machine. Before we talk about the cleaning machines, let’s introduce you to the Terrazzo floor.

What is a Terrazzo floor?


Terrazzo floors are from the Venetian area and used to be the standard flooring in palaces. It is a long-lasting flooring, lasting over 100 years. Many might make a mistake thinking those are marble flooring in the luxurious hotels while visiting one. But it’s not actually.

Marble and terrazzo floors are very much alike but with significant differences. The former is made from all-natural stones, specially marble, and will look good for 5 to 10 years at best.

However, the luxurious terrazzo floor is a different beast altogether. The materials to construct it is a combination of expensive all-natural stones like marble, quartz, granite, and suchlike. The reason that it could possibly last for a century is the professional installation.

The process is way different from any other floor types. It is well-cemented on the surface using one part of a binder, for instance, cement or resin, and mixing two parts of marble chips in it.

The terrazzo floor is the best bet for high traffic areas. Though it is comparatively expensive, it is seen in schools, colleges, hospitals, and other regular places. People give prominence its long-lasting built, power of easy to sanitize, and luxurious feel.

Terrazzo is not as durable as other flooring materials and also tends to be quite dusty, which is why there are few homeowners who opt for this type of flooring these days. If you have an older home with terrazzo floors that need cleaning or maintenance, then it’s important to invest in a good machine.

What Quality You Should Consider Before Buying?

Below are the features that a cleaning machine must have to thoroughly clean a terrazzo floor but in a comfortable, gentle way.

Gentle Mop Pads And Brush

Anything abrasive will leave scratches on the very durable terrazzo floors. And you do not want to have a durable floor full of scratches. Even the brushes or clothes that seem gentle might scratch the surface when you use them continuously for a long time. Thus a terrazzo floor needs a cleaning machine with soft microfiber brushes or soft and scrubby pads. No matter how stubborn the dirt is and how vigorously you rub the scrub pad on the terrazzo floor, it must be gentle on the surface.

Mild Cleaning Solution

No harsh chemicals, no acid or alkaline in a cleaning solution, only a mild cleaning solution is what you need to use on the terrazzo floor. Anything extreme will react to the materials and binder in it and start staining the floor. The terrazzo floor doesn’t collect dirt too easily and quickly. Therefore, a mild solution will effectively work no matter how stuck-on the dirt and grime or stubborn the stain is.

Large Water tank

You are cleaning a terrazzo floor with plain water and a cap of cleaning solution, nothing more. So, a large water tank will save you from the constant filling of it with water and continuous measuring of the cleaning solution and pouring it.

Quick Drying

If you know the cleaning process of terrazzo flooring, you know how vital it is to dry it to avoid it becoming slippery or hazy. So, the cleaning machine must not dispense too much water. Neither the mop pads should be too dampened. Avoiding wet mop will naturally result in the quick drying of the floor. If, by any chance, you end up with excess water on the floor, wring the mop pad well and have a few passes and dry the area.

Buffing Capacity

Terrazzo floors need buffing once a year, at least. It is not very reasonable to buy two different cleaning machines, one for mopping and one for buffing. So, better the cleaning machine you are buying has tools or capacity to clean and buff the surface and bring back the sheen.

Our Selected Top 5 Terrazzo Floor Cleaner Machine List

  1. Best Overall and VacMop Combo : BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner

    The CrossWave Floor Cleaner is the best overall cleaner on the market. It cleans, scrubs, and dries all in one!

  2. Best For Suction Power : Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

    The Shark APEX Upright Vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum for terrazzo floors. It has a strong suction power that allows it to pick up dirt and dust from your floor easily.

  3. Best For Cleaning Heavy Dirt : Oreck Commercial ORB550MC

    This commercial floor cleaner will cut through the toughest grease and grime on your terrazzo floors, leaving them sparkling clean.

  4. Best For Scrubbing and Polishing : BISSELL BigGreen BGFS5000

    BigGreen BGFS5000 is the best floor machine for cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing. It’s a great machine for commercial use. The powerful motor can clean any type of hard flooring with ease.

  5. Best For Quality Cleaning and Reasonably Priced : BISSELL Spinwave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner and Mop

    This floor cleaner provides an affordable way to keep your home clean. It’s easy to use and requires little effort.

What is the Best Terrazzo Floor Cleaner Machine in 2023 for home use and How it Works?

Undoubtedly, Bissell Crosswave is the best Terrazzo floor cleaner machine in the market. It can sweep and wash the floor at once by sucking away both wet & dry messes. Turns out, its dual-action multi-surface brushroll spins at 3000 RPM. In return, it can break down and pick up sticky & stubborn dirt like a champ. 

Now, let’s check out how this multi-surface vacuum cleaner works. 

Once you fully assembled this unit, you are ready to use it. Turn it on by selecting the type of floor you will clean. 

For example, it has two cleaning modes- Hard Floor and Rug. Tap on the Hard Floor button to turn on the vacuum. 

Next, hold down the solution trigger for 10 seconds to prime the system. When the solution is flowing, you find bubbles forming at the edges of the brushroll. 

Now, get ready and lug it around to deep-clean your Terrazzo floor. 

Terrazzo floor cleaner machine using benefits

You can enjoy the following benefits if you use a Terrazzo floor cleaner machine. 

Reduce Workflow & Save Time

You know how much effort and elbow grease it takes to clean the Terrazzo floor using a traditional broom or mop. On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner makes it a breeze to pick up dirt, debris, and messes from the surface without breaking your waist. And the best part is- you don’t need to mop your floor hours after hours, which saves you time. 

Remove Allergen 

When you sweep the floor, the dirt & dust will fly in the air and cause secondary pollution. But the floor cleaning machine comes with a HEPA filter. It captures fine particles and prevents them from mixing into the air. So, your interior air will remain clean, which will be beneficial for allergy-sensitive people. 

Remove Pet Messes

Removing pet messes like pet hair & urine from the surface is a challenging task. But a vacuum cleaner makes this daunting task simple. Each vacuum cleaner features a pet brush tool to pick up hair. Therefore, some floor cleaner machines can suck away wet & dry messes to leave the surface spotless. 

Top 5 Terrazzo Floor Cleaner Machine Reviews in 2022

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Machine
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What is the best machine to clean terrazzo floors? After all, we have an expensive flooring to clean.  The good news is the floor cleaning machines we have are very much affordable compared to the floor that we are attempting to clean.

  1. Best Overall and VacMop Combo: BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner

Make your terrazzo floor cleaning process less time consuming with BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro. Pick up the dirt and debris with potent vacuum power and clean up the wet mess at the same time with the same cleaning machine.

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner
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As a terrazzo floor is pretty easy to clean, we will suggest a half-hearted brooming session before using this wet-dry vacuum. At least remove the larger dirt particles before mopping with Crosswave Pet Pro if you manage to get extra five minutes.

Perfect For Cleaning Pet Mess

Crosswave vacuums and washes at the same time, and it is called pet pro. So, both the dry and wet pet mess could be cleaned with it. The dry mess will be vacuumed, and the wet mess will be cleaned with the same pass of the cleaning machine on that very spot. It covers a wide area with a single pass due to its wide 12-inch cleaning path.

Two Gentle Brush Rolls

You get two tangle-free brush rolls. So, even if one is too dirty to reuse, you can do your job with the other one. The brushes are pretty unique and innovative, made of soft microfiber to wipe out the wet mess and gentle nylon bristles to scrub off the stuck-on dirt. These are washable and allow hand-free, quick self-cleaning.

Mild Cleaning Solution

The cleaning machine also includes two 8oz bottles of cleaning formula. This cleaning solution by Bissell uses Febreze formulas, which is the best to omit pet odor. It is very effective on stubborn stains and dried messes. Mixing it in the clean water tank will dilute the formula even further and make it way more gentle. A gentle cleaning solution is the best for terrazzo floors.

Two-Tank System

It has two tanks, one for clean water plus a pet pro cleaning solution, and the other is for dirty water. The dirty water tank also has a pet hair strainer. So, all the hairs you picked up will be strained and remain there so that you can remove the strainer and clean it directly on the dust bin. No hair will be there to clog your sink. Throw the hair in the bin and pour the dirty water in the sink. Thus the clean water remains clean the whole time. It is the best vacuum and mop for terrazzo floors.

Pros Cons
  • Vacuum and wash at the same time.
  • Mild cleaning solution.
  • Two separate tanks, a pet strainer in the dirt tank.
  • Tangle-free microfiber brush rolls.
  • Effective cleansing and leave a pleasant smell.
  • Needs a couple of passes to pick larger dirt.


Why is Bissell Crosswave better than Bissell Spinwave 

There are a lot of similarities between the Bissell Crosswave and the Bissell Spinwave. They can pick up wet & dry messes and use two-tank technologies. But when choosing one between these two, we select the Bissell Crosswave. 

Bissell Crosswave has two cleaning modes- Hard Floor and Rug. It means it works on every floor type and picks up dust, crumbs, and spills to leave your home dirt-free. On the other hand, the Spinwave can clean only the hard surfaces. 

Therefore, Bissell CrossWave has a dual-action multi-surface brushroll. It spins at 3000 RPM and breaks down stubborn & sticky messes. Indeed, a single speck of dirt can get a chance to stand on your floor if you use Bissell CrossWave. 

What Reviewers Say about Bissell Crosswave?

Multi-surface cleaning ability, dual-action multi-surface brush, and wet & dry cleaning are some breathtaking features that convince users to get it. 

Most users found it functional both on hard and carpeted floors. They love it as the Bissell Crosswave helps them pick up wet & dry messes and capture pet hair from the carpeted area. And the best part is- it leaves no streaks with the Multi-surface Cleaner, and it feels clean. Therefore, they found the unit is also very easy to use, gets close to baseboards, and swivels to get under things. 

The only downside is- the dirty water tank is too small. 

  1. Best For Suction Power: Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

Shark Apex is a very different hardwood floor cleaning machine perfect for vacuuming your terrazzo floor. If you are okay with mopping the terrazzo floor with a regular mop, then this one will prove to be handy for you. After vacuuming with it, there will be very little mess for you to wet mop. It is by far the best vacuum that doesn’t fail to take in every type and amount of dirt from fine particles to large leaves, from a light sprinkle to a reasonable-sized heap of dirt.

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum
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Use all the tools, big ones and smaller ones, to clean the terrazzo floor thoroughly. After that sweeping the terrazzo floor with plain water will suffice to give it a polished, fresh look.

Versatile Use

You can use Apex in three ways. First, you can use it like a regular stick vacuum by attaching the wand to the nozzle, handle to the wand, and setting the pod down. Attach the other side of the hose with the pod. Then you can lift and hold the pod on the one hand instead of setting it down towards the nozzle. On the one hand, you have the pod, and on the other, you have the long cleaning mop head that reaches the farthest corner of the floor beneath the furniture. Lastly, hold the pad on the one hand and attach the small tools and brushes it includes with the other side of the hose and clean the staircases or whatever you want without carrying a whole load of this rather heavy laminate floor cleaning machine.

Dual Brushroll

Even the brush roll in it is innovative and unique. You have two brushes in the same mop head. There is a soft fluffy orange brush roll, and above it, there is a brush roll with small bristles and a straight rubbery stripe.

Advanced Seal Technology

Whatever it vacuums goes directly to the dirt tank after heavy filtering. It uses the too effective advanced anti-allergen complete seal technology and a HEPA filter to sift the dirt, allergens, dust, and pollen. That means once the dirt and dust enter the dirt tank, it is sealed and gone. Cleaning the dirt tank will not cause the dust to spread back in the air much.

Self Cleans

The brush roll picks a lot of dirt and hair, but there is nothing tangled in it when you check it. That means the brush self cleans. It self cleans with its zero-M technology where the small yellow bristles help always to untangle and remove the hair from the brush roll when it is rolling.

Pros Cons
  • A powerful vacuum that picks almost everything.
  • Polishes and renews a surface
  • Dual brush roll.
  • Zero-M technology ensures a clean, untangled brush.
  • Anti-allergen seal tech and HEPA filter.
  • Requires separate tools for wet mopping.


Why do we choose shark apex against shark navigator for terrazzo floors?

We choose Shark Apex over the Shark Navigator for cleaning the terrazzo floors. 

Shark Apex features a powerful motor of 1350W, which produces unmatched suction to let you perform the toughest cleaning workflow. On the other hand, the Shark Navigator comes with a less powerful motor (800W) compared to the Shark Apex. 

Active Glide Technology is another remarkable feature of the Shark Apex. Due to this feature, you can easily glide this vacuum on hard floors and carpet without sacrificing suction. But the Shark Navigator doesn’t have this feature. 

Indeed, Shark Apex provides superior cleaning performance than the Shark Navigator. 

What Reviewers Say about Shark Apex?

Ultimate cleaning efficiency, low operating noise, and due-clean technology are some breathtaking features that convince buyers to get it. 

Users find it efficient in catching up pet hair, messes, and debris like a champ. Some users say they have Malamutes that have long hair and shed enough to stuff a king-size pillow almost daily when they shed their winter. And its pet hair tool can handle the fur without issue. Turns out, the unmatched suction power this vacuum delivers all them to suck away dirt & debris from hard and carpeted floors. 

The only con they observed is its weight. It’s a bit bulky compared to other vacuum cleaners.

  1. Best For Cleaning Heavy Dirt: Oreck Commercial ORB550MC

ORB550MC by Oreck scrubs stuck-on dirt and grime. It dry cleans the carpet, deep cleanses the dry and wet mess in the high traffic areas and polishes the surface, and brings its sheen back. The best machine to clean terrazzo floors and pets caused mess and dirt, indeed.

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC
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Skip calling a professional. Instead, buy this cleaning machine and a good-quality polishing powder for terrazzo floors. Follow the easy cleaning and polishing steps of terrazzo floors and save expenses.

Long Cord And Vast Cleaning Path

The tile and grout cleaning machine has a 50 feet long cord and a 13 inches cleaning path. That means once you plug it in a socket, you wouldn’t have to change the socket again and again. Also, the broad cleaning path allows you to clean a decent amount of area in one attempt.

No Torque

The no-torque design of the cleaning machine allows you a mess-free cleaning session. That, too, with no brush or swirl marks. Keep in mind that you will have to pour a cleaning solution after diluting it in water and let it be there for 5-10 minutes. Then start scrubbing the terrazzo floor with this cleaning machine.

No Mess

The watery consistency will make the cleaning solution spill and spread due to the brush swirling at high-speed and scrubbing the surface underneath it. However, as it is designed to have no torque and swirls in a random orbit pattern, the cleaning solution stays right underneath the brush and helps break the dirt into smaller particles and clean it.

Apt For Buffing

It is a floor buffer. Use it to its full potential by polishing and buffing your terrazzo floor and revitalize it.

Pros Cons
  • Sturdy build and a long handle with comfy grip.
  • Apt buffing and cleaning machine.
  • No torque, gouging, or swirling.
  • 50-foot long cord and 13-inch cleaning path.
  • Scrubs gently, no brush mark or scratches.
  • No brush included.


Why Do We Choose Oreck Orbiter for Commercial terrazzo tile cleaning?

We go with the Oreck Orbiter for its ability to clean multiple surfaces and ultimate maneuverability. 

This commercial-grade cleaner works on every surface type including hard and carpeted floors. It doesn’t leave a sticky or soapy residue like other vacuums when cleaning the carpets. 

Its brush head spins in a random orbital pattern. As a result, you can easily glide it over the floors to deep-clean the surface without leaving brush marks, swirls, and gouges. 

Lastly, it has a 50 ft large cable. So, you don’t need to unplug it often to clean one room to another.  

What Reviewers Say about the Oreck Orbiter Commercial?

Multi-surface cleaning, ultimate maneuverability, and ease of cleaning are the features that convince users to buy it. 

Most users found this commercial-grade cleaner to clean 2200 sq ft efficiently. They said this wet-dry vacuum cleaner removes the messes optimally and leaves the surface streak-free. They even say the floor looks more neat & clean than professionally steam-cleaning their surface after using the Oreck. Therefore, they found the Oreck Orbiter to deep-clean the carpet by using the dry shampoo technique. Its scrubbing power is also great and picks up embedded dirt from the carpet. 

However, some users found it a bit bulky, which is a downside of this vacuum cleaner. 

  1. Best For Scrubbing and Polishing: BISSELL BigGreen BGFS5000

BISSELL BigGreen BGFS5000 is the perfect brush for cleaning, buffing, and polishing terrazzo floors. It is a very lightweight corded cleaning machine with a 35 feet long cord. The brushes and pads on it rotate and clean the surface at high speed, thanks to its powerful 4.2 Amps motor.

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Do not remove the scrub brushes to attach the pads. Pads are set over the scrub brushes, right in the middle of them only, with the included snap rings.


It is a heavy-duty cleaning machine for commercial use. But it is so lightweight and easy to maneuver that even a regular person can use it to clean, scrub and polish a terrazzo floor. The way the brush spins, it makes reaching the tight areas like corners and along the baseboard and cleaning and polishing those easy.


This sturdy cleaning machine has all-metal housing, motor base, yoke, and handle. It is ready for rough use. The long handle with a comfy grip makes it easy to maneuver. Even the solution dispense lever is all metal and robust.

Multiple Brushes and Pads

With the cleaning machine, you get multiple ring-shaped brushes and mop pads. To remove the dirt mess and stuck-on dirt, you have the scrub brushes and green scrub pads. You also get a set of white brushes to clean your carpets. The pair of tan polishing and felt buffing pads are perfect for buffing the polish powder and polishing the terrazzo floor. They are easy to remove and require no tool to set in the mop head.

Large Tank

The water tank is by far the biggest among most of the cleaning machines available in the market. So, you can continue your cleaning session longer without refilling the tank. You need to get a good quality cleaning solution and polishing powder, and with one single tool, you can finish all the steps that a terrazzo floor cleaning demands.

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight and efficient cleaning machine.
  • Durable build with all-metal housing and handle.
  • Five sets of cleaning brushes and pads.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Large capacity water tank.
  • Bulky.


Bissell BigGreen BGFS5000 vs. Bissell BigGreen BGEM9000 – Which one is best for the money?

Bissell BigGreen BGFS5000 and BGEM9000 are professional-grade floor cleaning machines. 

BGEM9000 is more powerful than the BGFS5000. It features a 5.4 amps motor, which delivers superior scrubbing power. So, you can clean & scrub every surface type including tile, concrete, vinyl, and bricks like a champ. 

On the other hand, the BGFS5000 has a 4.2 motor, which is enough for regular scrubbing & cleaning workflow.

We recommend you go for the BGFS5000 if you are on a budget and want to vacuum for regular floor cleaning. 

What Reviewers Say about BISSELL BigGreen BGFS5000?

People love Bissell BigGreen BGFS5000 for its excellent scrubbing, cleaning, and floor waxing ability. They found this floor cleaning machine fun to paste wax on the dining room floor. Users found it quick and easy to use. Therefore, consumers like the changeable polishing, scrubbing, and cleaning heads. Indeed, most users find it versatile for cleaning, scrubbing, and buffing multiple surfaces with ease. 

The only downside is- this vacuum cleaning machine fails to clean the carpet optimally. 

  1. Best For Quality Cleaning and Reasonably Priced: BISSELL Spinwave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner and Mop

Bissell Spinwave is the simplest but the best machine to clean terrazzo floors. It is a simple spray mop that includes a mild but effective cleaning solution. And to clean a terrazzo floor regularly, we need just that.

BISSELL Spinwave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner and Mop
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If you need to move furniture, do not switch off the cleaning machine. Instead, keep it stand straight, and the machine will auto stop.

Ring-Shaped Mop Pads

You get a pair of soft-touch pads and a pair of scrubby pads with bristles on it. Both the pairs are circular and easily attached to the two slots on the mop head. Soft-touch pads are for regular mild mopping, and the scrubby pads scrub and remove the dried mess.


Upon switching on the machine, the round pads will start spinning and clean the mess on your terrazzo floor. The spinning action allows you to put less effort while cleaning a surface as the action itself is enough to do the deed.

Two Cleaning Solution Bottles

The two samples sized Bissell cleaning solution bottles are going to last you for months. These are mild, thus perfect for using on the terrazzo flooring.

Spray On-Demand

The water tank in it can carry 28 ounces of clean water. Mix the cleaning solution, not more than one or two full caps, in the water tank and fill it with water. Now, spray the cleaning solution using the easy-to-press button on the handle when you need to. Continue mopping the other areas and get back to the spot you sprayed the solution onto after a few minutes. Now pass the machine a few times, and the stubborn stain and stuck-on dirt will be removed effortlessly.

Pros Cons
  • Large water tank.
  • Two mild cleaning solution bottles.
  • Two sets of soft-touch pads for light-duty mopping.
  • A pair of scrubby pads with bristles.
  • Sparing use of solution due to on-demand spray.
  • Needed an extra pair of scrubby pad.


Bissell Spinwave vs. Spinwave Plus

Bissell Spinwave and Spinwave Plus are specially designed for cleaning hard floors. They come with the same features and specifications to deep-clean the hard surfaces. 

The first difference between the Spinwave and Spinwave Plus is the number of accessories. The Bissell Spinwave Plus has four soft-touch scrubbing pads and four Multi-surface formulas. On the other hand, the Spinwave has only two scrubbing pads. 

Quiet cleaning operation is the best feature of Bissell Spinwave Plus. It delivers superior suction without making powerful noise. But the Spinwave makes a bit of noise when operating. 

The price of the Bissell Spinwave and the Spinwave Plus is also different. It requires more bucks to get Spinwave Plus.

What Reviewers Say about BISSELL Spinwave Plus? 

Ease of use, ease of assembly, and excellent maneuverability are the breathtaking features that win the hearts of thousands of customers. 

Users find it easy to use and let them pick up grime, stains, and debris from hard surfaces like a champ. It’s lightweight and they can easily control it- they even move it with their fingers. This floor cleaning machine leaves no smudge marks and the reusable pads are thick and effective. 

However, some users complain this vacuum doesn’t come with extra rough pads for tile cleaning. 

How to clean terrazzo floors?

Cleaning terrazzo floors has to be the easiest of them all. More manageable than cleaning a tile flooring, to be honest. Because there at least you have the dirty grout lines to get frustrated about. Here the installation at the start is so intricate and well-cemented that you get an even surface to clean.

Heads Up

The only thing you need to keep away from terrazzo floors is the cleaning solutions containing acid and alkaline or DIY products. A well-reputed pH neutral cleaning solution and a high-quality cleaning machine are essential to maintain the terrazzo floor. So, below are the steps you need to take to clean terrazzo floors.

Step 1 – Dusting

The first step to clean a surface is to remove all the loose dry dirt and debris. That makes the wet mopping easier and less messy. Also, doing that will not let the dirt particles scratch the floors or gather in layers on a surface due to daily cleaning.

How Frequently – Every day, without a skip. If possible, twice a day.

Step 2 – Use A Cleaning Solution

After you are done with thorough dusting either with a broom or powerful vacuum cleaner, just mix a full cap of a mild cleaning solution in a gallon of water. Use the mix as much as you need and clean the terrazzo floor with a gentle cloth or a cleaning machine. Keep in mind that the cleaning solution has to be mild. So mild that many prefer using fabric softener to clean the terrazzo floor. Let the cleaning solution sit for 5-10 minutes. Never let it dry.

How Frequently – Once a week. Dilute in the water.

Step 3 – Sweep The Floor With Plain Water

Once the cleaning solution remains on the floor for 5-10 minutes, scrub the stain and stuck-on dirt with a brush or scrubby pad. Then sweep the floor with clean water. Warm water is fine too. Do not leave the terrazzo floor too wet, or you might slip and fall. Make sure there is no dirty water left.

How Frequently – Once a week. Make sure to dry the surface.

Step 4 – Polish

Polishing is something that is done irregularly. But you need to do the first three steps before polishing the terrazzo floor. Get a pH neutral polishing powder and sprinkle it all over. Now use a cleaning machine to buffer the powder well on the terrazzo floor.

How Frequently – Once or twice a year, twice, only if there is heavy traffic.

Step 5 – Wet Mopping Once Again

Now to remove any residue or powder, wet mop the floor once again. After it dries, you will see how shiny and new the terrazzo floor looks after polishing.

How Frequently – Once or twice a year. It is the next step to polishing.

If you had the scope to change the flooring as we do with furniture when it is broken or warped, we wouldn’t have to take care of it so obsessively. The process costs a lot and needs hard work, so better to maintain the floor diligently and save ourselves from all the inconvenience.


Can you vacuum terrazzo floors?

Terrazzo floors are easy to maintain, and you can clean them with a traditional broom or a vacuum cleaner. Just choose a vacuum cleaner that allows you to scrub and pick up both wet & dry messes to deep-clean the surface. 

Can you steam clean terrazzo floors?

Yes, you can steam clean terrazzo floors without any issue. Just get a steam cleaner from the market and start steam-cleaning the surface to suck away sticky or caked-on debris efficiently. However, we recommend you to not hold the steamer in the same spot for a long time. 

How often should I polish my terrazzo floor?

There is no specific time to polish the terrazzo floor. Whenever the finish seems dull, polish it. We recommend you scrub or mop the terrazzo floor with a pH-neutral cleaner and reapply a floor sealer to restore its shiny appearance. If the terrazzo floor looks so old, grind the floor and buff the surface with a polishing powder. 

Final Words

The price of terrazzo floors makes it even more necessary to look after. So, we will highly suggest you get a Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Machine. Like the durable terrazzo floor, the five cleaning machines we are presenting you are also going to last for a long time. For that, follow the user manual that comes with the cleaning machine and keep it clean after every use.

So, have you decided to stay within the realm of Bissell? Or want to explore Oreck or Shark? Whatever it is, try one soon and give a makeover to your precious terrazzo floor.

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