Why is Dyson Handheld Vacuum Charger Flashing & How to Fix it

Dyson handheld vacuum is quite essential to clean your home and car. You have to charge it to get the best out of it when you need it. While charging several times, you may notice your Dyson Handheld Vacuum charger flashing

It may flash for a different reason and can show different colors. You can see the flash of red, blue, green, and much more. All of the colors have a particular reason. So, read till the end of this article to learn more about it.

Different Colors of Dyson handheld vacuum charger


As I’ve mentioned above, different colors indicate different facts. A steady blue light indicates that your battery has been charging. 

Moreover, a blinking blue light indicates that the battery isn’t charging. Replace the charger or try a different socket. If it still does not function, the charger or the battery is the problem.

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Where there is no light after complete charging, the battery is ultimately charged. Otherwise, go to the second step. 

A steady orange light shows that your Dyson battery is not charging due to a temporary issue like being overly cold or hot. Finally, a blinking red light indicates a problem with the battery, very likely a dead battery. 

Why is my Dyson handheld vacuum charger flashing?

Handheld charger blinking is a severe issue with particular colors. Let’s have a look at them!

Why is Dyson Handheld Vacuum Charger Flashing
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Issue 1# It’s blinking Red Light

There is an issue with the battery cells if you observe a flashing red light on your battery pack. If your vacuum’s battery packs malfunction, the cells seem to be damaged.

It all depends on how exhausted the cell is and the duration it has been that way. The battery’s capacity will steadily decrease throughout several years, and it may discharge itself quite frequently.

When the red light on the part of the battery pack begins to blink, it’s time to replace the battery. There’s excellent news that you may buy replacement batteries online compatible with numerous Dyson models.

How to fix it?

When replacing the battery in the Dyson vacuum, make sure the appliance is switched off and loosen the screws that keep the battery pack in position. Identically install the replacement battery.

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Issue 2# It’s blinking Blue Light

A flickering blue light on several Dyson vacuum cleaners indicates that your batteries seem to be low and, therefore, must be charged. To recharge the battery, you have to plug your vacuum inside or leave it at its port.

How to fix it?

It’s an easy remedy that usually works. Change the battery if your battery is freshly charged while plugged but does not operate when disconnected.

If the issue continues, you should notify Dyson customer service. Your Dyson vacuum’s blue light will usually flash every several minutes until you recharge it for 3.5 hours. If you detect the light on your Dyson, contact the firm and request a replacement.

Whereas if the problem remains, you may contact the company. Contact the vendor or a local service center if you are not pleased with the response.

You should also approach the company if you observe a blinking blue light when charging your Dyson vacuum. The issue may be triggered by a faulty charger or a partially charged battery.

If the blue light remains, call Dyson customer service right away. In several instances, the light on your Dyson vacuum might be perplexing, but that is not always an issue.

Issue 3# It’s blinking Green Light blinking

The charger blinking green light in the earlier Dyson vacuums indicates that the unit is much hot or much cold. The vacuum turns off the electricity to avoid overheating, and the battery does not charge.

How to fix it

If your green light shines rapidly, transfer the vacuum to a location where it may calm. When your machine has reached room temperature, connect it to observe if your green light has become constant, indicating that it is charging.

However, if your green light starts blinking slowly, it is necessary to charge your batteries. When you’ve only recently charged it, the slow blinking green light indicates more severe problems with your battery. If this is the case, you should get it examined by a Dyson repair service.

Issue 4# It’s blinking Yellow, Orange, or Amber Light 

A steady yellow, orange, or amber light on your battery light on several models indicates that the gadget is hot or cold or has no power flowing to the widget. It is the same as the older versions’ flickering green light.

How to fix it?

Please stop using the Dyson vacuum and wait until it cools to colder temps before using or charging it afterward. It may also indicate that you’re misusing the max setting. 

In that situation, the filter will overheat as well. Allow it to cool down for some minutes before continuing to clean.

Issue 5# It’s blinking green light

Steady green light in the charger of a Dyson vacuum shows that your battery packs are taking charge and there are no issues. However, in some models, the green light indicates a problem with your battery.

If you press the button, that blue light first illuminates. If it remains blue, you can vacuum until the things stay clean cheerfully.

You will get times when your blue light becomes solid green. The vacuum cleaner may shut down and stop functioning after a few seconds. As shown in the following video:

How to fix it?

Whether the Dyson vacuum suddenly stops operating and shows a pure green light or a flickering max mode, check if your vacuum is washed and no obstructions are triggering the shutdowns.

When the vacuum cleaner stays clean, the problem may be in the battery. However, a simple battery change will work for you. You might also attempt a lot easier solution. Set your battery in the right place with a tie wire.

If you’re a relatively new Dyson or a fresh battery and are still experiencing this issue, it can be a weak battery connection. You should solve a weak link problem by attaching the battery with a wrap. If securing your battery with the wrapped wire and changing the battery does not solve the problem, take the Dyson vacuum to the service store.

Issue 6# It doesn’t have any Blue Light

No light will appear whenever the Dyson vacuum doesn’t have a regular operation with no difficulties. So you don’t have anything to worry about.

Why does the Dyson Filter Light Keeps On?

When the filter on the Dyson vacuum needs to be cleaned, the filter light illuminates. You may remove the filthy filter from a Dyson model and run it in cold water.

Your filter is placed differently in previous versions, but you may still remove it and clean it. A blinking filter light indicates that you may not correctly screw your filter unit, a simple remedy. You must reinstall the filter by twisting it counterclockwise.

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Final Verdict

That’s all about why is Dyson handheld vacuum charger flashing. We have also found different solutions to the problems. Still, if you find any difficulties remaining, contact us immediately.

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