Why the Vileda mop won’t extend? Easy fixing

After a week of rough-housing in the office, you finally decide to clean the floors with your telescopic vileda mop. However, the darn vileda mop won’t extend, causing you to panic in despair. What will you do now?

Turns out, not using the mop made it jammed up with debris from the mop head. The mineralized water from the mop head may seep into the telescopic tub and then form a tight seal. 

If the jam isn’t too severe, a forceful twist will free it up. You can also use some coconut oil, or any sort of slippery lubricant in the telescopic handle to set it loose. But don’t push it. You don’t want to break the mop, right?

Today, we will see everything there is to clean and open a vileda mop. Let’s dig in.

Vileda mop won’t extend: Every possible reasons


Debris buildup in the nooks of the telescopic handle is the key reason for the vileda mop not extending. Generally, people tend to leave the mop upside-down and don’t use it every day. This allows water and debris to hide in the nooks and crannies of the telescopic handle. 

With time, the water evaporates, leaving the debris behind as chunks. The chunks form a ring-like structure in the head of the telescopic handle and lock it up. 

Other than this, dentures or faults in the mop’s handle structure can also cause it to lock. Though rare, this problem can happen, and you will need to fix the denture to loosen the joints. 

How to fix a vileda mop that won’t extend

There are a few steps on how you can fix a vileda mop that won’t expand. The steps are easy as pie, and you will need a bit of oil or lubricant to free up the joints. 

Required equipments

  • Oil or silicone lubricants
  • Gloves
  • Hammer 
  • A knife

Steps of fixing a vileda mop that won’t extend: 

  • Firstly, try using brute force to loosen the joints. However, don’t do it too much or the telescopic joints may break. 
  • If the joints loosens or doesn’t, apply a bit of oil or lubricating substance in the crannies of the telescopic handle. 
  • Now, wait for the oil to seep into the crannies. 
  • After the joints loose up a bit, twist the handle to free it up completely. 
  • Finally, open the whole handle and add some tube all over the inner portion of the mop handle. 

Note: You can follow this video to get a better idea on how to fix a vileda mop.

How do I extend my Vileda mop?

Extending your vileda mop is really easy. All you need is to hold the mop on both ends and give it a good twist. Don’t twist the handle on a single side, or else you can’t open it. If the mop is stuck, try adding some lubricant to the telescopic handle and then twist the handle normally. 


How do you change a Vileda Magic mop flat head?

To change a vileda magic mop flat head, all you need is to twist the handle in the bottom part of the handle. When you feel the mop flat head loosens up, just slide out the flat head and replace it. 

How do I extend my vileda broom handle?

To extend your vileda broom handle, first grip the two ends of the mop handle. Now, twist it to make the handle expand. Sometimes, you may feel some resistance, try using a bit of oil or lubricant in that case. 

How do you adjust a mop?

Start by keeping the mop parallel to your body. Now, reach down to the twisting lock of the mop and give it a twist. You will see the mop is expanding or decreasing. Choose your desired height and wallah. 

End note

Hope now you know the reasons why a vileda mop won’t expand. Opening it is also easy. Put some regular lubricant or oil to loosen the telescopic joint and wait for a bit. 

After the vileda mop joint loosens up, give it a twist and open it normally. 

Rule of the thumb, don’t leave the mop upside down and use it regularly. Else, the handle jamming problem will pop up again. 

This is all for today. Have a good day. Bye-bye.

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