String Mops vs Microfiber Mops – Which is the Best Option?

Mops are one of the finest cleaning tools to wipe away debris from the floor. In the past, people were only familiar with cotton mops. Nowadays, there are different types of mops for individual purposes. String mops and microfiber mops are the most popular among all of them.

But, people need to pick individually string mop or microfiber mop as a winner. They need a long-lasting and budget-friendly mop for eradicating debris. To determine the best mop, you should go through the comparisons between string mops vs microfiber mops. 

However, both mops are widely used for having some advantages and special uses. The drying facility, permanence, surface coverage, etc. should be considered primarily while purchasing a mop. Most importantly, the mop needs to be user-friendly within a reasonable budget. 

String Mops vs Microfiber Mops
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Comparison chart between String mops and microfiber mops


This part provides you a quick impression of string mops and microfiber mops. You can easily catch the key features of these two mops from this section.

Observations String mops Microfiber mops
1 String mops are manufactured from cotton material. That’s why they aren’t highly absorbent.  Microfiber mops are generated with artificial microfibers. It makes the mop more absorbent than string mops.
2 String mops can’t take the debris properly using its cotton string. Instead, it may spread the dust accidentally on the floor.  Microfiber mops are good for grabbing debris from the floor. Its high-absorbing fiber takes the dirt and debris precisely. 
3 The user can easily use the string mops without getting any stain on the floor. Its cotton build is safe to move freely on tiles and other flat surfaces. If the user uses microfiber mops on any sensitive surface, the surface may get stained. Moreover, the fiber of the microfiber mops can be damaged by bleaching it. 
4 Cotton isn’t effective against viruses and bacterias. A study says that only 23% of viruses and 30% of bacterias get removed by the string cotton mops.  Microfiber mops can remove 95% of the microbes from any surface. If the microfiber mop comes with 0.33 microns convenient width, it can clean the surface almost perfectly.
5 String mops need about 105 gallons of water to clean 100 rooms. They waste a huge amount of water.  Only 5 gallons of water is sufficient for microfiber mops to clean 100 rooms. 
6 String mops can tolerate up to 30 washes. It depends on the method of use, mop quality, and many more factors.  Microfiber mops can tolerate up to 200 washes. Depending on the mop quality, the value may vary. 

String mops vs microfiber mops

It’s time to learn the basic distinction between string mops vs microfiber mops. Here you get some of those with a brief elaboration. 

String Mops
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Which mops are highly effective on germs?

String mops, made from natural cotton, grab the microbes while cleaning a surface. To clean up the viruses and bacteria, string mops need to be applied with some pressure. Cotton comes from organic material & that’s why it’s not effective on germs. But, microfiber mops are good at handling germs. Microfiber mops come with synthetic fiber which helps to catch the microbes 95% accurately. 

Which mops have a negative environmental impact?

String mops use more water and more washing material than microfiber mops. The EPA has stated that cotton mops use 105 gallons of water for cleaning 100 rooms. On the flip side, microfiber mops use only 5 gallons of water to clean 100 rooms. It happens because the cotton takes water rapidly. So, microfiber mops are creating a positive impact on the environment by not wasting excessive water. Besides, microfiber mops need a cleaning material of almost 20 times less. 

String mops or microfiber mops – which covers a large area?

Microfiber mops are great for covering a large area. They come with synthetic material which allows them to grab the debris of a large area. String mops are cottoned to wipe debris and it’s unable to hold debris more than microfiber mops. Usually, you can use a microfiber mop head for 400-500 square feet. You’ll need 4-5 cotton mops to cover the same area. 

Which mop is easy to use?

In some cases, cotton mops are easy to use and microfiber mops can’t do their job. Some chemicals are highly responsive to synthetic microfiber. String cotton mops must be easy to use then. However, microfiber mops are easy to carry. They come with almost 80% less weight than string mops. Therefore, the users get some advantages while using microfiber mops. 

Do string mops and microfiber mops last similarly?

As both string mops and microfiber mops come with different fibers, they don’t last similarly. You can make around 15-30 washes using a microfiber mop. Its cotton build must become unusable after using it a few times. The natural cotton is septic and the touch of water doesn’t allow it to last long. But, you can perform up to 200 washes using high-end microfiber mops. Microfiber mops have their synthetic fiber, unresponsive to water and other liquids. 

Which mop has great pricing?

Among string mops and microfiber mops, microfiber mops have expensive pricing. They last longer, perform better, and use less water to wipe the debris. Moreover, microfiber mops are easy to transport for their lightweight. The durability, removable mop head, low cost of solutions, etc. make microfiber mops expensive. 


People have some questions on the existing topic. Here you get some straight answers on string mops vs microfiber mops. 

Which type of mop is best?

Microfiber mop is the best in comparison to other mops. They are versatile for use on various surfaces. Besides, microfiber mops last for a long time, offer efficient cleaning. Despite its higher pricing than other mops, this is the best option for fighting with dirt. 

Do microfiber mops worth it?

Microfiber mops generally cost three times higher than conventional cotton mops. This cleaning tool offers a good amount of washing with top cleaning performance. It also ensures great safety from viruses and bacteria. For this reason, microfiber mops are worth it.

Why are microfiber mops a great option for mopping floors in the OR?

Using microfiber mops is a smart move to clean the OR floors. The floor contains so much dirt and only deep clean can make the floor shiny. By using a microfiber mop, anyone can easily move the fibers. As its fiber is constructed specially to attract the debris, then it’s the best choice for cleaning OR floor. 

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After reaching the endpoint, you must have guessed the winner in this mop fighting. Microfiber mops are standing more ahead than string mops. Though microfiber mops are slightly expensive, their service is worth the pricing. 

A detailed comparison of string mops vs microfiber mops must have expressed their effectiveness. Microfiber mops come with a long-lasting guarantee along with cleaning promises. If you’re thinking about eliminating germs, then microfiber mops are the best choice.

Before inventing microfiber mops, string cotton mops were the reliable ones. As it’s built with soft cotton, it can clean any surface without damaging it. You can still believe in string mops if you’re thinking about something at a cheaper rate.

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